The Color of Our World

We are in that time of year where our world is predominately brown and green with a little white here and there. We live in the evergreen state so we expect to see green all year round.

We call it our muddy season.

Our grands are blessed to have parents that aren’t afraid of a little mud.

Soon enough lots of pretty color will be added to our world.

Adieu to February. Looking forward to March.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

17 thoughts on “The Color of Our World

  1. Oh what happy, blessed and adorable children!!! I remember making mud pies as a child, and when we lived in PA on the farm we had a pond where the older kids could swim, but I was still too little to swim, so I had my own little mud puddle at the edge of the pond where I sat and played in the mud. I turned out okay and probably a lot more “well rounded” because of my early muddy experiences. Love this so much!!!

  2. I remember when my girls or I should say one of my girls loved getting muddy. Her sister would watch her from inside the house and laugh at her but never would she get dirty.

  3. Oh, yes, they are blessed. Are they building rivers to drain the soil a bit? That’s the only time I was allowed to play in the mud. My dad would ask us to get the water drained from the second driveway…oh it was fun! Those photos would make great laundry room art.


  4. oh these pictures bring back so many memories of muddy boots, heavy snowsuits, hats and missions and all the things.

    of course, it’s all the more fun when it’s somebody else’s children at somebody else’s house!

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