Sweet Hodgepodge

Sweet Southern livin Jo has come up with questions for Wednesday Hodgepodge.
1. Let’s start things off right…Wednesday is National Dessert Day. What are we having? How often do you  make/serve dessert? Store bought or from scratch?
We can have my signature Creamy Cheesecake, pictured above…
or a family favorite; Peanut Butter/Butterscotch Rice Krispy bars
or in the cake realm; Another family favorite, Applesauce Spice Cake.
We added a new favorite in 2020, Strawberry Ice Cream Cake.
Lately I only make a dessert when we are having company. I made this Ice Cream Cake yesterday for dessert after our Raclette meal that we introduced to my brother’s family.
I like scratch desserts but am not opposed to store bought. In fact see question #3 for something I always buy instead of bake.
2. Slow as molasses, icing on the cake, that’s the way the cookie crumbles, have your cake and eat it too, half-baked idea, that takes the cake…which phrase might be applied to something in your life in recent days? Explain.
I’m going with icing on the cake. Since my brother’s family (originally from Texas) landed in the Pacific Northwest on their RV journeys around the USA some other members of our family gathered here, too, and we were able to have a mini family reunion of sorts.

My sister Kathy sitting to my left is now our matriarch. Four out of 8 siblings plus two spouses and eleven cousins rounded out the group for a few days of food and fun.

3. Something that’s ‘easy as pie’ for you to do?

Sticking with the pie theme here I’m confessing that making pie is not in my wheelhouse. It is not something easy for me and I choose to avoid it by buying good quality pies in the frozen section of the grocery store and popping them in my oven! So ‘easy as pie’ is not a phrase that pertains to me.

4. Are you someone who likes to ‘sugarcoat’ news you think might not be well received, or are you more of a tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may? Do you like to receive your news the same way you give it?

Please don’t sugar coat it. Get it out now and let me know what’s up! I’m a tell it like it is person. Don’t beat around the bush, either.

5. Something you did recently that made you feel like a ‘smart cookie’?

Driving for over 6 hours by myself from Bothell to Colville with stops at the Home Depot and Costco in Spokane. I was smart to bring a book on CD to listen to. That makes the hours go by quicker for me and keeps me awake. For this trip I listened to “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe read by Michael York, delightful.

6. Insert your own random thought here.


Looking forward to our Western Larches (Tamarack) to turn golden.

October is a busy busy month here at Our Country Bungalow. Still ahead is our annual family hunting weekend and this year we are throwing in our first professional family photo shoot. It’s been fun coming up with a clothing theme so we look a bit coordinated. For the majority of the days in October all of our guestrooms are full to the brim.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Sweet Hodgepodge

  1. Hello Ellen,

    Wonderful photo of you and your family. The cakes all look delicious, cheesecake is one of my favorites.
    Take care, have a happy day!

  2. My boys are excited for hunting season too! Not sure yet how we are doing that with football season still going on but we will figure it out.

    I make apple pie but have not tried to make my own crust in years. I just buy store bought crust for that.

    We need to take our photos too, figuring out clothing is hard for me!

  3. Always a lot going on in your corner. Oh…interesting…a professional photo shoot with coordinating clothing… 😁 And here I always thought that’s what was being done naturally. I am shocked that you are buying pies and baking them off as your own. 😉
    (Though I enjoy baking a pie, everything has to be perfect to get it accomplished.)
    Love that red barn with the golden tamarack.

  4. I make a similar rice krispie treat and was just thinking about them last night. I will probably make some before the month is out. My daughter will be home next week and she gave me all sorts of fun ‘pie’ stuff for my birthday so we’ll bake one while she’s home (pie weights, fancy crust cutters, etc). Enjoy your beautiful fall color! We have a lot of pine here so the color isn’t as en masse as it was when we lived up north. Still pretty though!

  5. We call those Scotcheroos and they are incredible! The cheesecake would be my favorite. So delicious! Nice you could have a mini family reunion. Looks wonderful. And Lewis’s books are favorites here. I would live to hear Michael Caine readings anything!!

  6. I must admit that I had to google raclette party! I had never heard of that but it looks so cool! So glad that your family can gather. Here in Alabama, they are still recommending that we not have big family gatherings. Your desserts are beautiful!

  7. Okay, now I want dessert! Hooray for the reunion. So was your bubble safe? Way to go on your drive. That photo is beautiful.

  8. It was nice you all got together! We still can’t do anything without our masks because the count is going up. I was glad to know your family members got home safely with help here in Eugene.

  9. You are having such a lovely October . . . full of fun and family!

    I, too, make desserts only when we’re having company these days. Your applesauce cake is so pretty and festive! Of course, all of your desserts look delicious!

  10. What a wonderfully sweet post, full of desserts and love of family!

    Your cheesecake looks scrumptious as do all of your desserts. We pretty much only serve dessert to company also. What fun to have a houseful of family to bake for!

  11. Well all your desserts look delicious and impressive. How lovely to have a family gathering. Restrictions here have just been tightened again and I’m not sure when we’ll get our immediate family together let alone the extended family (hubby is the eldest of 8) But we’re all fit and well and not being financially hit by Covid so there’s always a blessing to be found.

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