First Mukilteo Ferry Ride…

Way back in November of 2019 the girls and Jaymison had a little trip to Whidbey Island on the Mukilteo Ferry. This was Jaymison’s first ride on a ferry but I think it might have been Addy’s 2nd ride.

Some time at the park and then a stop in the village of Langley…

…for ice cream!

Front row seats for the ride back to the mainland.

This is a catch-up post for future reference. Our blogs really are a great source of family history!

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12 thoughts on “First Mukilteo Ferry Ride…

  1. Looks like a happy outing for all! Riding a ferry is a great way to travel. I assume this was a car ferry. I’m spying a great looking snow capped mountain behind the ferry photo. Cute photo of everyone with ice cream cones.

  2. Hello, I have enjoyed riding on some of Washington state’s ferries. It is fun. Your blog is a great memory keeper for the family. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great week ahead.

  3. Indeed, our blogs are sources of family history! I cannot count the number of times I have turned to my blog for reference . . . when a particular event happened, who was there, or some other detail.

    Sweet pictures of your dear ones crossing on the ferry! Lots of smiles, including Jaymison’s grin in the last collage!

  4. How old is that little guy in the white blankie? Is that Jaymison? Having his first ferry ride? I’m curious cause I just come back from Toronto visiting my grandson, yup, Ellen, he’s 13 months now. And I thought that little toddler in the blankie is just about his age. 🙂

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