It started with a Crash!

We marked our driveway for our First Baptist Colville Senior Summer Social. When it was time for everyone to arrive there was no problem slowing down and finding our address since a Sheriff was right in front of our property with his lights flashing because of an accident right at our driveway. The person who caused the accident was in a hurry and tried to pass someone who was turning into our driveway. He ignored or didn’t see our guest’s left blinker flashing and came around them and tried to pass while they tried to turn into our drive. No one was hurt but our guest’s vehicle suffered lots of damage and had to be towed away. That was a bang of a start to our social.

Most of the 31 folks had never been to our home before and we only knew a handful by name.

By the end of the evening we became familiar with many more and enjoyed conversations with a few.

Our back acres proved to be an ideal picnic spot in the evening since the sun goes down behind our mountain at 5:30. Since we were in the upper 80’s or low 90’s being shaded from the sun was necessary.

One of the gals from our church walked about our property with me and identified several plants by name. I was very appreciative of her knowledge. Come to find out she’s a master gardener. She told me how to cut back and what I could pull and what are weeds. I wish I had a pad and pencil on me when she pointed out the plants and named them. Our huge bush is a variegated willow. That one I remember.

The morning after when I pulled up the blinds in our bedroom these fawns were just outside our window frolicking in the yard.

And then daddy showed up, too.

He sensed us through the window but couldn’t see us.

I did not turn my computer on yesterday and just turned it on at 3pm today.  We are recovering from last evening. Hope all is well in your corner.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

20 thoughts on “It started with a Crash!

  1. Good gracious, Ellen, what a way to begin an event at your home. So glad no one was injured. You had a great crowd for your gathering. How nice to have Master Gardener identify plants in your lovely garden. Now, I’m hoping the darling deer don’t eat your beautiful plants.

  2. Ellen – yikes! Glad no one was hurt. Although we have already been in Montana for over 2 years, I am still shocked by the risks people take when passing, and at high speeds. Many times, when I am following them into town, I catch up to them by the time they reach the first light. So what was the point? Anyway, looks like you had a successful social gathering, and learned some things about your garden at the same time!

  3. Phew! It worked. I may have this figured out after all. It involves using a different browser and other complicated things. ☺

    What an eventful evening. I am glad that no one was hurt, but how miserable for the car to be totaled. Those left hand turns can be tricky, especially when there are impatient, incompetent drivers.

    Thought your story about the master gardener sharing what you had in your many gardens was so fascinating. Can you get her back for a visit real soon when you are prepared with your notebook? How cool would that be!

    Well I’ll be back to comment on some of those posts I have been reading, but unable to comment on before too long so things don’t go south again. Now I’m off to visit Kristi at her WordPress blog to see if what I’ve learned here will work there…

    • Yippee that it worked for you, Vee. We will have the master gardener and her husband over for a meal soon and I will have her walk about the yard with me again while I’m carrying a pad and pencil.

  4. I remember you mentioning that you had a busy road alongside your property. I’m sorry that the crash happened and you must be thankful that no-one was hurt. I’m glad you had a good time getting to know folk from your church fellowship. You have a lovely place for hospitality.

  5. Hello, I wish drivers could be more patient. They are in such a hurry. The Social sounds like fun, a great way to meet new people. The deer family is so cute. Wishing you a happy day and weekend ahead!

  6. Looks like a fun gathering…after all that excitement. So good that no one was hurt! Your yard is absolutely lovely and those deer are precious! Love seeing the males all decked out in their velvet antlers. Happy first day of August!

    On Wed, Jul 31, 2019 at 7:39 PM The Happy Wonderer ~ ellen b. wrote:

    > Ellen posted: ” We marked our driveway for our First Baptist Colville > Senior Summer Social. When it was time for everyone to arrive there was no > problem slowing down and finding our address since a Sheriff was right in > front of our property with his lights flashing b” >

  7. Wow! What a way to begin a party! I’m sure your guets will never forget this event and they will not forget your names either, even if you don’t remember them all. I try to get my bearings on your yard, and that should happen soon. Are those tablecloths hanging in the background?

  8. Glad no one was hurt!! Too bad people are in so much in a hurry!
    Sounds like a fun evening!
    Great shots of the deer. The fawns are so fun to watch!

  9. I am sorry your otherwise pleasant evening had to begin with such a thing!! Crazy drivers. I think people forget that they are operating a heavy, fast-moving piece of equipment when they are driving. (I am someone who was hit from behind at a high rate of speed while stopped to make a left turn, so this feels too familiar.) I am thankful that no one was seriously injured!

    Hosting a group is a fine way to get to know more people in your area. Maybe you can invite your gardening friend back for a follow-up! 😉

  10. Sorry that it started out with a bang, but it looks like you hosted a fun and memorable event over there! Great photos of the deer frolicking on your yard too!

  11. Oh Ellen – so thankful that this didn’t spoil your party!!! Did you have to drive the “crashed” guests home? Looks like you had a great turn out and what a fabulous way to get to know each other and learn about your plants! Did you make food or was it a pot-luck? We are planning to host a corn roast sometime this month and am conflicted whether to make it a pot-luck or just have a fun evening without all the fuss.

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