A Week in Mosaics

Saturday November 3rd we spent some time at Dan, Jamie and Addy’s. The guys worked on getting firewood cut and stored for winter. Jamie was able to get some chores done while Addy and Baba walked and played.

We walked with her trike and also with her stroller.

On our way home going down the kids’ driveway we saw this majestic bird.

Fast forward to Friday November 9th. We got our first snow. As we understand it the Colville area got their first snow last year on November 9th, too. It’s probably time to put the patio furniture away.

The Quail were in our yard in the mornings finding whatever it is that they eat. They sure are plumping up!

My sister Lana and her husband Steve arrived at our place safe and sound from the airport in Spokane in their rental car avoiding two separate accidents on highway 395 caused by slick icy roads. We all enjoyed a BBQ meal out in Kettle Falls with our kids’ joining us. We came to our place after for dessert. Addy enjoyed having my and great aunt Lana’s attention. Saturday morning we took Steve and Lana to see the kids’ house and to have breakfast together. Addy decided Great Aunt Lana is her new best friend. Later on Saturday after some shopping and movie watching we drove to Chewelah to our favorite Mexican Restaurant for dinner.

On Sunday Steve and Lana were interested in a walk or a hike so we drove 3.2 miles from our home to Douglas Falls Grange Park and found a nature trail to try. It was a good walk in the forest.

When we got home I whipped up a chowder to warm us up. It was a good recipe from Taste of Home that I’ll try to share soon. Steve and Lana are headed back to Spokane to catch their flight to Seattle. It was very nice having our first overnight guests at our Country Bungalow. Lots of good food and laughter to wrap our memories in.

Linking up with Angie at Letting Go of the Bay Leaf for Mosaic Monday. Thank you Angie for hosting.


About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “A Week in Mosaics

  1. I could hear the laughter from here over the ‘funny’ shots you took in Douglas Falls Grange Park! So glad you had some visitors – somehow it makes a house feel even more like home once you’ve had visitors. Addy is as cute as ever. Glad you are getting more time with her … Thanks for joining Mosaic Monday!

  2. Hello, the walk with the family looks like fun. Pretty waterfalls. The snow makes me feel cold. Cute Addy mosaic . The Quail are awesome, love the Eagle too. Happy Monday, enjoy your day! Have a great new week

  3. Hi sweet Ellen! You are going to have many more guests at your country bungalow, I bet! I remember the beginning of snow season when we lived in Spokane. I liked to huddle by the wood stove as I recall!

  4. Sounds like great times together. We’ve had a couple of dustings of snow but nothing that really counts yet. : )
    You and your sister look so much alike!!

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Kettle Falls is beautiful and so close to you – awesome place to hike and spend time. Addy must be absolutely loving having you so near – there’s nothing better than that! Your Country Bungalow guests were treated royally!

  6. That was a great week! You’ve already had overnight company — that means you are really at home!! The walk pictures made me smile — your husband is doing a great job of either pushing over that tree or holding it up, I can’t decide. And what a nice time with Addy — you can’t have too many best friends or relatives at that age!!

  7. I’m so glad your sister and brother in law had a nice visit at your new home and spent time getting to know Addy bet That forest trail looks so lovely to walk in.
    We had 9 inches of snow this weekend! I was so happy as we are hoping for lots of snow this winter to end our drought, The fires in California are so terrible and seeing that I am thankful for the snow to moisten our hills.

  8. Great photo tour. We are still waiting for real snow, had a hint but it lasted only a couple of hours. The birds are stunning. Happy MM.

  9. That was a fun your-neck-of-the-woods kind of post, Ellen. I’ve missed the ones about your new Country Bungalow and must backtrack a bit. That walk looked a bit icy, but your cozy chowder sounded like the perfect remedy.

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