Reaching Back…

…for The Barn Collective

This was taken back in the middle of December on our trip to La Conner. We arrived to Skagit County early so we took a detour along the farm roads close to Mt. Vernon before we continued on to La Conner.

Linking up to The Barn Collective with Tom The Backroads Traveller. Click over to see more barns.

Our Sunday has started out cold with beautiful sun breaks and then some popcorn snow. Not enough snow here to cover anything. Some areas of Washington state are getting a lot. Our daughter-in-law sent us this photo of our son and son-in-law in the front yard of our middle son’s home in Northeastern Washington. They had a nice walk in the snow. All of our children are spending a weekend together in this winter wonderland. Praying for safe travels for them tomorrow.

Do you do anything special on our long President’s Weekend here in the USA?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “Reaching Back…

  1. …First off every time I come to your blog I fall in love again with your header photo. The windmill atop the silo(?) Perhaps the windmill pump water into a storage tank in the silo. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your week and please stop again.

  2. Yesterday we had 9 inches of snow … scuttling our plan to go snowshoeing in Glacier National Park … so we just went around town instead in our snow shoes – plenty deep for it!

    Lovely shot of the barn. I think the “silo” is actually a water pump … I have never seen a silo that shape.

  3. I heard you are getting some more cold weather. My sister said the wind blew like crazy out in Seabeck. My brother is director of public works (I think that’s his title) in Skagit County and he’s had big concerns with roads washing out, dikes breaking, and now snow. Poor him.
    I am going in for my annual physical tomorrow so I guess my doctor works on Presidents Weekend! I hope you have a lovely weak, good Ellen.

  4. I love your header photo, Ellen, and this interesting barn. We had a little snow a couple times in the past few weeks, but it warms up and melts quickly. I am getting over the flu so we stayed in this weekend. I caught it in Disneyworld but thankfully did not get sick until the day I came home.

  5. I am so glad that your children were all getting together for the weekend together. It certainly looks as if it was a snowy one! My hubby had to work today. President’s Day is used as a “floating” holiday which is added to their Christmas break given to them by the state of WV.

  6. I love barns. I should start following The Barn Collective. I will check it out. We didn’t do anything special over the weekend.

  7. Love that barn picture with the stone silo. Not sure I’ve seen anything like it here in the area I live.

    I think it is so cool your kids get together on their own to visit! You are blessed.

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