Each of our family members arrived at Dan and Jamie’s home at different hours on Thursday the 12th of October. The last to arrive were Katie, Andrew and Laura after Dear and I were fast asleep. Dear and I arrived first, Josh drove by himself arriving later in the afternoon. Katie and Andrew hit the road from Seattle after Andrew’s last class at the University of Washington. On their way through Spokane they picked up Laura who flew in after her work day. Hunting Season opening day wasn’t until Saturday the 14th so Friday was deemed fishing day. Dear and our original three loaded up their gear and headed to Lake Roosevelt (part of the Columbia River) to launch Dan and Jamie’s (new to them) boat for a day on the water.

Jamie, Laura, me and Addy enjoyed the morning getting re-acquainted. Andrew worked on some homework so he would be free to hunt on Saturday. Aeronautical Engineering involves lots of hours of homework. Close to noon Jamie packed up some lunch items and the stay at home crew drove to Colville Flats on Lake Roosevelt to meet up with the fishing crew and enjoy a picnic lunch together. The morning family time tired little miss Addy out and she slept through the drive and the lunch and all the way home again!

The views of Lake Roosevelt from one of the day use areas on the lake.

We had the area all to ourselves.

We enjoyed the views and the reflections. Andrew skipped some stones along the still water surface.

It was fun to watch the boat approach the flats where we had set up our picnic lunch.

Everyone made it out of the boat without getting wet.

The boat took off again with one more passenger, Andrew. The rest of us headed home for the late afternoon and evening. We enjoyed a meal together, fish and chicken tacos and then preparations were made for an early start for deer hunting on Saturday. The ladies and Addy had a Sign Painting Class to attend on Saturday. Speaking of Addy…

She is on the move with many skills. Crawling, holding herself up, pulling herself up to standing, side stepping while holding onto the sofa and increasing her balance. She’s a strong little babe. More to come.

So thankful for our family time all together under one roof for several days.

We are busy back here at home getting the kitchen ready for new quartz counter tops. I have taken some before photos so I’ll have a before and after post in the future. We are scheduled for templates to be made next Wednesday. With the quartz chosen we now will choose the backsplash product.

Hope all is going well in your corner of the world!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Fishing

  1. Oh what fun!!! You got some wonderful pictures – that lake looks amazing and the reflections simply sparkle. Great family photo (you and dear are the shortest in the bunch). Always the loveliest smiles! Addy is so darling and it’s such fun seeing how she is on the move already!

  2. Lots of wonderful family time! That lake is so so pretty…and loved all of the very blue skies and puffy clouds. Look at that Addy! She is becoming more and more independent. Aren’t babies fun? xx

  3. So nice to see all of the smiles and everyone having a good time together! And you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful backdrop!

    It is such a delight to a mother’s heart to have all of her “babies” under one roof!

  4. Such lovely family photos! Looks like a perfect day for fishing, too. A beautiful place to enjoy a picnic and sweet family time. Addy is just so precious. I know you cherished every moment! x K

  5. Excellent shots and what fun to have the family together. We were in EW also for hunting also. We hunt on the ranch in Ritzville. The ranch has been in my SIL family since the 1880s. Wonderful place. If you look up Hooper or Hooper Crossing it is the one in Adams county.
    Love the pic of the boat on the water with the great reflection. Someday our paths will cross and we will wave as we go by. LOL

  6. What a treasured time you’re having. My mom is leaving Sunday for a Columbia River cruise. She’ll see some lovely scenes, I think!
    Happy hunting and fishing to all of you!

  7. Making memories that will last a lifetime is what it’s all about. Ellen! Enjoyed the photos, and I see Miss Addy is pulling up.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a blessed day.

  8. What a beautiful day and your photos are fabulous! What kind of fish did you catch? Mennonite friends spent last week with me and Chloe (11) and Graceanne (7) loved fishing in my pond. Such a beautiful sight…them in their little life vests with their poles and tackle boxes. They could only find one worm so they split it in three pieces…one for each girl and the last piece for the first one to fish the next morning…LOL.

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