April Showers…

We took a different route home from Eastern Washington to I-90 taking us through small towns on highway 231. All along the way we saw excess water on properties and water very close to spilling over the roadway.

We had breakfast in Springdale at the Kozy Korner. We knew it was a good choice when all the locals kept coming in while we enjoyed our meal. Instead of heading back to Highway 395 we continued on 231 south to I-90.

This steeple on this church caught our eye in the little town of Edwall. The steeple was the best feature of this church.

And earlier in March on our trip to Colville for our granddaughter’s birth I took a photo of this church in town without a steeple but with an interesting exterior.

Speaking of our granddaughter I will add a photo of her, too, just to show her later in her live what was happening in the towns around her at her birth and shortly after.

This is me saying goodbye to our little Addy before we headed home on April 18, 2017.

April showers and March showers and snow melt have caused a lot of headaches for everyday travel in the tri-counties in Northeastern Washington. This next photo is just one example of a travel nightmare for lots of folks. This is part of highway 395 north of Colville and north of Kettle Falls.

We enjoyed our “off the beaten path” route to get to Interstate 90 and were happy that the roads had held up on this route.

I’m linking up to InSPIREd Sunday with Beth and Sally and

to The Barn Collective with Tom the Backroads Traveler.

On this Saturday I mowed the lawn while Dear weed wacked and we got the job done before another rain shower came through. We had glorious sunshine on Friday and in between rain showers today we have had some welcome sunshine.

We enjoy every minute of sunshine we get after so much rain and grey days! Hope you are enjoying sunshine in your neck of the woods.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “April Showers…

  1. Oh my! That sunken highway is terrible. Hope no one was hurt when the road fell!

    Those are some fine-looking barns! I’d kind of gotten away from taking photos of barns for Tom’s meme, but road trip days are soon upon us.

    Love the picture of you telling Addy goodbye. Were you telling her to be good for her parents? 🙂

  2. Great pictures of those beautiful barns. I love them! I love how you embrace your surroundings, find great restaurants and see all the beauty. Yikes – that road wash out is bad … Your little Addy is looking right at you as you say your goodbyes – so beautiful.

  3. I enjoyed my trip home with you…loved the scenery. Isn’t it hard to leave the little one behind when you go home? When our grands were that age my arms felt so empty after they left to go home, or when we would leave from their home. I am so glad that your son, daughter-in-law and Addy live close enough that you are able to enjoy spending time with them often. I hope your son’s first week back to work was a good one for him.

  4. This has been a lovely visit…I need to book mark your blog…little Addy is adorable and you sure have a nice bunch of barns. The last three are my favorites, but I do love almost any barn I see.

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