Looking Back…

…before Fall is fully upon us and counting my blessings.


We’ve had some lovely weather lately and when we travel to see our son and daughter in law in Eastern Washington we get some beautiful views of the Columbia River Gorge.

We will travel east again sometime in mid October to help with some projects. We are thankful we can travel and help where needed.


When all the kids are going to be together I make this treat that is enjoyed by all. If you haven’t made this simple Rice Krispie treat you should try it. I posted it again on MGCC this month and you can find the recipe by clicking here.


Anytime of year it’s fun to have an indoor picnic like the one above. Besides the pita crackers we always slice a nice baguette in thin rounds to enjoy the charcuterie and added cheeses, fruits and pickled vegetables. This is an enjoyable meal to have in a hotel room when you are traveling and tired of eating out, too.


We were at our state fair last week and we enjoyed this barbecued pulled pork sandwich. I posted about the fair yesterday. This weekend Dear will be smoking a pork shoulder roast to make our own sandwiches at home. My cousin and my college friend who married my cousin will be with us this weekend before they venture north and across the water to Vancouver Island. We will enjoy catching up and eating together, too.


Last week I also went on a shopping trip with our daughter Katie. After shopping at Nordstrom in Bellsquare we ended up at Crossroads in Bellevue where there is a food court that has a Russian stall. We shared some beet borscht (not the kind that we grew up with) and bought a variety of piroshky. Yum. We shopped some more after eating and it was a successful shopping day.

Counting my blessings:

  1. Being able to travel and help our kids and seeing beauty along the way.
  2. Treating my kids to their favorites and hearing their appreciation.
  3. Simple picnic pleasures with Dear. I love food!
  4. Our trip to the fair and guests arriving soon.
  5. Successful shopping trips with our daughter. Happy she still wants to shop with me.

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About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Looking Back…

  1. I LOVE you or daughter’s glasses!! and yay for shopping, helping others, that gorgeous pic of the bridge, and a yummy picnic with your hubby. All of those foods look delish (although I don’t eat salami or pork 🙂 ) Enjoy the weekend…..it is beginning to feel like autumn here in NY and I am loving the sunny days with no high humidity!!

  2. Five good reasons to be thankful. Close family relationships are a blessing. My husband and I enjoy the company of our children and grandchildren, helping one another when necessary. I hope you have a good weekend with your cousin and college friend.

  3. I make a version of those Rice Krispie bars, too, only with butter, peanut butter, and marshmallows, and then melted chocolate chops on top. Lots of good eats this week! There are a couple of BBQ places here when we like to get pulled pork. Have fun with your guests this weekend!

  4. Your posts are always so delightful Ellen! I love the photo of the Columbia Gorge.
    I am wondering if you will be having a book signing in Manitoba again?

  5. Hi Ellen, I’ve just hopped over via Five On Friday. I’ve enjoyed your Five, I think that for mothers, food is intrinsically linked with love and nurture, with family and friends and making happy memories. Hope you are enjoying the weekend with your family. x

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