Barn Collective

We spotted many farms with barns on our way to our son and daughter in law’s home in Eastern Washington.

chewelah walk 035

This first group are taken from I-90 going at least 70 miles per hour!

chewelah walk 021

This was my favorite that I managed to click fast enough when I saw the barn quilt on it.

chewelah walk 019 chewelah walk 018

The next group I share will be from Highway 395 going north from Spokane, Washington.

Linking up to The Barn Collective hosted by Tom the Backroads Traveler.

We will be hitting these same roads heading home today. We’ve been walking and eating and doing some construction on a Chicken Coop. The trip takes up to 6 hours so if I don’t visit today to see your barns hopefully I’ll get around tomorrow morning.

12 thoughts on “Barn Collective

  1. Hello, wonderful collection of barns. The barn quilt is one of my favorites too. Washington is a beautiful state. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

    • Hello Felicia, I tried to leave a comment on your barn post but I had page after page of verifying that I wasn’t a robot that just wouldn’t stop. So sorry.

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