La Conner

In 1869 John S. Conner purchased the trading post on the Swinomish Channel and named the area in honor of his wife Louisa Ann Conner and that’s how La Conner got its name.

After we mucked about in the fields of daffodils my sisters and I drove a few minutes away to La Conner for lunch and a little shopping.

Sisters wknd 101

We chose Nell Thorn on the channel with good food and nice views.

Sisters wknd 100

2016-03-05 Sisters wknd3

Lana, Kathy the youngest and oldest and me and Vera in the middle.

2016-03-05 Sisters wknd2

We each chose something different for our lunch and everyone enjoyed their choices.

Whew! Happy my sisters were here last weekend instead of this weekend as we had quite a wild Sunday. Our power was out for 13 hours and we were happy to wake up to electricity again. Schools in our area are cancelled today as 85,000 are still without power. Trees were down and some of the trees brought down power lines, too. Here’s our light sources from last evening…

12814268_10209003802880554_4684928547280182380_nHope you all have power today and are enjoying the light!

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11 thoughts on “La Conner

  1. Nothing much less fun than a power outage…we are certainly spoiled. Did you have lots of conversation or opt for board games? Love the photos of the sisters. You are all four a group of cutie pies just like the sisters at my blog today.

  2. Wow Ellen, your parents have amazing genes!! You and your sisters look so much alike!! Lovely ladies, all. 😀 The lunch looks absolutely delicious and is making me hungry since I haven’t had mine yet for today. 😉 It looks like you all had a wonderful visit, and I’m sorry about your power outage. We had the same situation here in our town about two weeks ago. I enjoyed your post and hope you have a great week!



  3. We spent our wedding night at The LaConner Inn. It was so sweet and old fashioned. You were in my homeland and I am so happy that the sissies liked the dafs!
    My sister was without power in Seabeck. She said the winds were amazing.
    Take care, good Ellen and thank you for sharing. I wish I could pop up and visit again sooner than June.

  4. Oh, it certainly IS a good thing your sisters’ weekend was the one before! You’d have missed out on some of that wonderful fun!

    All of these sister posts make me smile!!

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