Signs and Fences…

Last Friday on a hop on hop off bus tour of San Francisco while it was raining I managed to get some photos of some fences and some signs.

2016-01-22 S.F1

Jammin on Haight, Head Rush and a more down to earth Haight Street Market! Does Haight Ashbury ring a bell with you?


Alice day S.F 045

This fence/gate was spotted in the historic civic center area of San Francisco and this was across the street from the San Francisco City Hall that looks a lot like the U.S. Capitol building.

S.F. rain tour 001

2016-01-22 S.F2

Here is probably the most photographed bridge in the U.S.A., the Golden Gate Bridge. You can see how rainy it was this day. These fences play a very important roll on this bridge. I’m devoting a whole post with all my photos of the Golden Gate Bridge soon.

It’s time to link up with Lesley for signs, signs and with Tex*Wis*Girl for Good Fences #97!

Dear and I continue to walk about our neighborhood after all our uphill/downhill walks in San Francisco last week. We are trying to set some good habits for our health. I have some fences to share another time from our neighborhood walk.

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21 thoughts on “Signs and Fences…

  1. I remember walking through Haight Ashbury in the mid/late 60s. Much less weird now 😉
    Life Changing Magic of Tidying–yes, I read it last month when a friend loaned it to me. Interesting concepts. If you’re interested, get it from the library (don’ buy it).

  2. I have some very similar shots! Your second picture of the bridge is fantastic. Hope you weren’t on the upper deck of the hop on hop off for this tour. Looking forward to more SF posts.

    • Ha! I was Rosella. I did eventually go down below but for the first trip across the bridge I wanted to see it all through the raindrops and wind!

  3. I loved the eclectic look of the shops in Haight Ashbury but the fence is SO grand as is the building that looks like the Capitol! We visited the Golden Gate Bridge about 21 years ago when we first married & I’ve always wanted to go back!
    Keep up the good walks!

  4. Well those shots of Haight Ashbury were certainly colorful and interesting. I especially thought the mannequin legs out the window were “odd”. Fancy looking fence. Nice shots of the Golden Gate bridge.

  5. Oh yes…Haight Ashbury rings a bell…the famous intersection of the 60’s. ‘If you are goin’ to San Francisco…be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…’ 🙂

  6. Your photo of the Golden Gate from a totally different vantage point made me smile! I just love that bridge (even though it has a sad side too). Looking forward to seeing more 🙂
    PS: Hope you got a little break in the weather today.

  7. I remember staying in the Fairmont Hotel downtown back in the 1990s. It was great fun!

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