The Barn Collective

On the road (highway 203) between the cities of Duvall and Carnation in Washington State last Thursday we saw a few barns. I found some history about this farm from 1996.

“The small tragedies that littered East King County were most evident on farms like the one owned by Jake Groeneweg.

Groeneweg yesterday tried to salvage whatever he could of a barn that collapsed, killing at least a dozen of his cows and calves.

This was the first time in the 30 years he’s been farming that he’s lost livestock because of the weather, he said.

“It’s kind of devastating,” Groeneweg said.

Despite the troubles, he’s thankful for his neighbors, and some strangers, who stopped at his farm along state Highway 203 Sunday to help him pull about 50 cows still trapped under debris.

Groeneweg said he easily lost $200,000 in storm damage. He plans to head to the bank later this week to take out a loan to help him through the winter.”

You can read more about it here.

1996 was a devastating year for our family in Washington State, too. Because of a series of unrelenting storms we ultimately walked away from our dream home. The excess of water caused landslides on the back slope. The astronomical repair costs to shore up the land that dropped ten feet at our foundation caused us to ultimately walk away and give our house back to the bank. Our county got a disaster declaration and the money we got from FEMA was a little drop in a big bucket! After living in a couple rental properties we were able to buy a home again and have been happily toiling at this old house. God has been good to us.

Linking up with Tom the Backroads Traveler for the Barn Collective.

13 thoughts on “The Barn Collective

  1. An interesting assortment of barns, nice to see Jake Groeneweg’s name on one of them. To think that your area has been so dry this year and then too wet other years. Thanks for sharing these pictures and stories, I rarely get a story! I hope that you find more barns and stories out there. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. Natural disasters seem to hit almost all of us at some point or other in life. As you know, we had a flood, so we know what it means to start over. Glad your story turned out so well!

  3. We are battling erosion to a lesser degree right now. I am glad that all is well now, though it must have been gut wrenching at the time.

  4. I like old barns, too, and take pictures of them when I can. I can’t believe your terrible story of losing your dream house, Ellen! What a trial to go through. Right now my brother and his wife are still evacuated from their home in California because of the Valley Fire a month ago.

  5. A farmer/rancher’s life is a difficult one as there are so mnay variables that can affect their livestock and crops. I hope this man got back on his feet. I never knew you had such a disaster happen to your home in the 90’s, Ellen. I’m glad your present home has been a good one for your family. you and your husband have made ot beautiful!

  6. Wow – what a story about the farmer and of your own home!!!! Such incredible devastation that has surely impacted your lives! So glad you were able to get re-established in your “old” as you call it, and lovely home Ellen. You have made it beautiful in every way.

  7. “Wow…what a story” was exactly what I was going to write…and then I look directly above and see that Rosella had the same reaction! 🙂 Yes, it is quite a story, and one that I am sure was a hard one at the time. And yet, you can now look back and see God’s provision and be grateful for your beautiful home!

  8. I had forgotten about your house story from 1996. Glad that it had a happy ending…and you are enjoying your replacement home to this day!

  9. Hello, It is sad to hear about the damage from these storms. Neat barn and farm! I hope the farmer does well, I like happy endings. I am happy that you are moving forward and have found a new home.

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