Fox Cottage ~ Cotswolds

ABC Wednesday is on the letter F this week.

Thank you to Denise Nesbitt and the ABC team for keeping the meme alive.

Our first self-catering experience in England was at Fox Cottage so…

…F is for Fox Cottage

Sat. July 5-Chipping Campden 002First and foremost is a fair warning that this post is full of fotos of the Fox inside and out!

Day one in England 7-4 007We had our own mostly private area between the cottage and stables across from the cottage.

Sat. July 5-Chipping Campden 092I believe our side of this U shaped space were stables in the past, too, which have been converted and upgraded to a living space.

2014-07-07 VisitorsFor those of you not familiar with the term self-catering it means you take care of yourself while you rent a property. Generally there is no daily maid service and no breakfast provided. We enjoyed making our own “Full English” and when the fragrance of those sausages hit the air we had several visitors arrive at our door begging!

Broadway Day 7 076

Broadway Day 7 002When we arrived we were greeted with fresh flowers and a sweet loaf that I didn’t get a foto (spelling in honor of F) of.

Day one in England 7-4 001Free wifi and lots of channels on the telly. Kinda funny that places advertise wifi as being free when you know you are paying for it anyway in the full price of the property. I did specifically choose properties while in England that advertised free wifi. Since we weren’t using our cell phones we wanted to feel connected to home and family whenever we could.

Day one in England 7-4 003We fully appreciated the fabulous exposed rough beams throughout the Fox.

Day one in England 7-4 004The old features that were worked into the space were enjoyed.

Day one in England 7-4 006The mix of old and new was just right. There were interesting things to try to figure out and some quirky frustrating things to deal with but our overall experience was very nice.

Sat. July 5-Chipping Campden 099

Broadway Day 7 001

Visitors 006Our views were very peaceful. During our time at the cottage there was only one day in a downpour that we shut all the windows.

Sat. July 5-Chipping Campden 087We had to go out to the pump room to get our ice from the deep freeze.

Sat. July 5-Chipping Campden 098The peace and quiet of this spot was so lovely. We could hear water flow through the farm. The birds were our alarm clock in the morning. It would be so dark at night we had to use a night light to make it safely to the bathroom which was a step down from our bedroom. No city lights, no street lights and no porch lights. I really was hoping to maybe see an owl but that didn’t happen except for this one.

Sat. July 5-Chipping Campden 004

Visitors 002The owners of the farm and cottage live in the house you see next to the owl and behind this view of the cottage.

Sat. July 5-Chipping Campden 091

Visitors 004

Sat. July 5-Chipping Campden 093The outside view to our space.Sat. July 5-Chipping Campden 090The view out to the land between us and the little lane at the entrance to the farm.

Day one in England 7-4 010Getting to and from the Fox is a whole other story for another day.

Things around our “cottage” here in the states are a little hectic right now with our kids from the East Coast staying with us as they move into their new apartment and life on the West Coast. I hope to get around to as many of the ABC “F” posts as possible between loading and unloading boxes…

Hope your festivities this week are full of fun and frolic with friends and family.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

21 thoughts on “Fox Cottage ~ Cotswolds

  1. Wow! Fox Cottage looks fabulous! Great pics 🙂
    Wish you loads of fun & frolic too.
    Take care while loading & unloading the boxes…Lots of hard-work…

  2. That was a sweet cottage. Hope that we get back to how you accessed Fox Cottage. Happy unpacking! Seems as if there’s been a whole lot of that going on lately.

  3. Fox Cottage looks like a charming place! (Love the fox door knocker!) Your English breakfast looks delicious. I think your “friends” thought so too. 🙂

  4. I love those windows that crank out! We have that in one corner of our kitchen over the sink, and that is my favorite window in the whole house! I wish I had them all over! I also really like how the door handle on that bedroom door is situated up high. That’s cool!

    I’d be interested to know what those “quirky” and frustrating things to figure out included. I have never traveled overseas, but I could imagine the electricity thing would be in that group? And you had to get ice from a pump room rather than having an icemaker in the fridge? That’s pretty different, I suppose. All worth it, though, for the peace and quiet!

  5. What a fabulous place to rent, Ellen! It looks so modern , yet has old world charm. I could live there forever! If I am ever lucky enough to take an extended vacation to the English countryside I know who to ask for recommendations–YOU! 🙂

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