Need a Tea Break?

Since we are all friends I have a confession to make…

Stow on the Wold 028…although we passed quite a few tea rooms while we were in England I only had tea once and it wasn’t in a tea room. Oye. I will show you all the lovely tea rooms that you can choose from if you travel to England.

Broadway Day 7 023

This one was in Broadway in the Cotswolds.

Our daily timing was way off for stopping to enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon. By then we were usually a bit warm and needed something cooler to drink.

Broadway Day 7 072Love the name of this one, Mrs. T. Potts…pretty clever. It was real close to Martha’s coffee house on the main street running through Moreton in Marsh.

Broadway Day 7 070

Sunday-Banbury 010On our way to Banbury we saw Mrs. Brown’s Tea room.

Bourton-Gloucester 020In Bourton on the Water there were a few tea rooms to choose from.

Bourton-Gloucester 021

This restaurant/tearoom was less appealing than the Small Talk Tearoom above.

hereford 104

If we didn’t manage to walk right past a tearoom we enjoyed seeing signs for tearooms.

Hay on Wye 062

2014-07-12 Hay on WyeWe got a little closer to a proper tea experience with these delicious scones and clotted cream but the drink of choice on this morning was coffee.

To Windsor 158On one of our last days in England I decided it was high time to have some tea so as not to totally disappoint my tea drinking readers.

To Windsor 162It wasn’t the finest of tea services in the bar of our hotel. The scones were no where near as nice as the ones we had in Hay on Wye.

To Windsor 159This was my tea and tea experience. One hot and the other one cold. The cold one may or may not have had some alcohol in it. Most of our afternoon tea experiences looked more like this…

Broadway Day 7 052Not too light, not too dark, and it had to be ice cold.

Katie and Andrew are moving into their new apartment today. I’ve been cleaning off some furniture we had in the garage for them to use. As soon as I get the call that they are close to the apartment with the pod of their stuff I’m heading over to do what I can to help. I have 2 fans in the car because it’s warm today and their 4th floor apartment is not air conditioned. On most days here in the Western Washington area you can live comfortably without A/C.  I don’t think we’ll be drinking tea this afternoon…

Happy Monday to you all!

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10 thoughts on “Need a Tea Break?

  1. Oh boy! That sounds like a warm apartment. You know that you’re young when you can handle a fourth floor apartment. Yikes!

    You made me laugh. Whatever your beverage of choice on a warm summer afternoon in England, I just hope that it hit the spot.

  2. Yes, the weather today here in Western Washington is more of an ice tea day, than a hot tea day! Hoping some cooler temps will be coming soon….I am so ready for fall!

  3. All of those lovely tea rooms are so appealing! But I can certainly understand the need for something cool to drink on a warm (hot) afternoon. Boy, can I!! 😀

    Hope that the move went well this afternoon/evening. Happy times!! (And, like you, I’d not be drinking hot tea in the apartment without A/C! I am so swayed by the temperature.)

  4. We don’t usually drink tea either but while camping the evening drink is traditionally tea and oreo cookies. Otherwise we would choose coffee. The tea rooms you’ve shared with us here might change my habits? They are all so pretty! Hope the move-in is going well.

  5. So many tea rooms! I love the names. I’m looking forward to drinking tea again when the temperatures cool off a little. For now, it’s just ice cold water that I’m drawn to. Love the photo with your two teas!
    Happy moving day!

  6. Egads! Life without air conditioning here in the Midwest is a death sentence! We get some really, really hot & humid weather (like this week with a heat index in the lower 100s most days), and it’s bad enough just on the 2nd floor of our house. I can only imagine what it would be like if we had a 4th floor!!! Thank goodness the weather there is generally temperate.

    Tea rooms are such an integral part of the culture there, so it’s funny that you weren’t able to get to one! I understand how tea might not be appealing after a long, hot morning and afternoon of sightseeing, though! I’d be opting for the pub, too!!!

  7. What a fun little tour of tea shops. I must admit I am not much of a tea drinker either but would have felt compelled to have it at least once if I was in England.

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