InSPIREd Sunday ~ St Michael and All Angels’ Church

Broadway Day 7 031While we spent a morning in the Cotswold town of Broadway we enjoyed a visit to this church just down the road from the Pub we were going to have lunch at. The present parish church, built in 1840, and dedicated to St. Michael and All Angels, is a building with nave, two aisles and chancel.

Broadway Day 7 033Broadway Day 7 039Its chief antiquity is the pulpit, which is a fine piece of wood carving, and was transferred from the old church. It was reconstructed and part of it was used to form a chair which had since been stolen from the sanctuary.

Broadway Day 7 039-001

Broadway Day 7 034We were intrigued with these ornate Eagle lecterns that we saw in most of the churches and cathedrals we visited in England. I researched to see the significance of this design. Here’s one explanation:

THE FLYING eagle is the symbol of John the Evangelist (see Revelation, ch 4, v 7) who proclaimed Christ as ‘the Word of God’ at the beginning of his Gospel. The flying eagle is thus a suitable emblem from which God’s word is read, reaching (we hope) the ends of the earth. The eagle is also thought of as the bird which flies nearest to heaven. I am not sure such lecterns are confined just to the Anglican church. It was not until the Reformation that the lectern became prominent in ordinary parish churches of the reformed tradition, carrying the open bible.

Broadway Day 7 036

Broadway Day 7 037

Broadway Day 7 038

Broadway Day 7 040

Broadway Day 7 042

Broadway Day 7 043

Broadway Day 7 044This is my favorite Stained Glass Window from this church and appropriate for a church named St Michael and All Angels Church.

Broadway Day 7 045

Broadway Day 7 047I love old doors of all kinds and this door into the church is very cool.

InSPIREd Sunday is hosted by  Beth and Sally. This is a weekly meme devoted to sharing religious architecture from around the world.

Hope your Sunday is going well.

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13 thoughts on “InSPIREd Sunday ~ St Michael and All Angels’ Church

  1. Those windows are so pretty and the eagle lectern is quite something. Wouldn’t it look great in a library? My favorite window is of Jesus with the lambs.

  2. now this is one of those churches – that you wonder – do i like it more inside or out? i love that ceiling & those stain glass windows are just amazing!! those doors too. ( :

  3. I’ve always been drawn to old church windows…especially stain glass. I can’t imagine how grand that church was, and all the details.

  4. Broadway as in Broadway Tower. That church must be at the bottom of the hill in the village. I drive past the village on my way through to Wales. Must top off one day & visit. Looks a great church

  5. I heard a sermon once where the pastor explained that because we are made in God’s image faces were never used in stain glass until early in the 1900s. Your beautiful photos of the stain glass window makes me wonder if those windows are modern or if the pastor was in error.
    Love all your travelogues Ellen!

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