All Booked!

Fox CottageAfter very little discussion Dear and I decided that the best place to go to celebrate 40 years of marriage would have to be England. The discussion was easy, hitting the purchase button for the flights was a little more difficult but after we did it was full speed ahead to book places to stay. The first spot we chose is a self-catering cottage in a very small village in the Cotswolds. The photo above is the exterior of Fox Cottage. We will spend a leisurely 7 nights here and explore several towns and villages in the area. We’ll venture off as far as Oxford from this spot. “Self-Catering accommodation simply refers to an efficiency in which guests take care of their own meals, laundry and other needs. The accommodation provided has facilities that allows guest to cater for their own day to day needs. Self-Catering accommodation includes a suite with a fully equipped kitchen mainly for guest to prepare their own meals.”

EastviewThe second spot we are going to stay for 3 nights in in Ross on Wye in Herefordshire. We chose this spot because we really want to visit Hay on Wye which is well known for Used Book Stores. Here’s what wiki says about this town “Hay-on-Wye, is a small market town and community in Powys, Wales, situated on the English border. Often described as “the town of books”, it is the National Book Town of Wales.”

red_lion_postcardOn our way back to a closer proximity to London Heathrow we will re-visit the town of Henley on Thames. Dear and I stayed here in 1973 or 1974 with our Christian Rock Band. We will be staying for one night at the Red Lion that you see here on this old postcard. We hope to visit some of the villages around this area where Midsomer Murders was filmed. We will definitely visit the Argyle in town for a meal.

OakleyCourtExteriorNEW1700Our grand finale for two nights will be the Oakley Court in Windsor. Isn’t it grand? We will spend some time in the town of Windsor and if the Queen is not in residence at Windsor Castle we hope to have a tour. From Windsor we’ll make the short drive to London Heathrow and fly home.

Our actual anniversary isn’t until December but we are choosing to celebrate in England in July.  The first 2 times Dear and I traveled to England together was in July of 1973 and July 0f 1974. During our trip in 1974 we were already engaged to be married with our wedding planned for December of that year. If anyone has any suggestions for places to visit in the areas of the Cotswolds, Oxford, and Southern Wales please let me know.

Hope you had a nice weekend. I know our Canadian Hockey Fans across the line enjoyed their Sunday. Congrats to Canada on winning the gold.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “All Booked!

  1. What a delightful way to celebrate 40 years of marriage. You’ll have so much fun anticipating and planning.
    There’s a lot of excitement here about the gold medal wins for both the women and the men in hockey.

  2. What a great plan! You might enjoy reading a book that just came out last fall titled “A Fine Romance” by Susan Branch, the author and illustrator. It is a journal/diary of her recent trip through England with her husband going to her favorite places such as Beatrix Potter’s home and various gardens and tea shops, etc. It is a fun book and very inspirational for falling in love with England.

  3. England?!??!?!! Jolly good, Ellen!!! What a wonderful trip that will be!!! I’ve never been, but my Mom, sister, and a couple of other sundry relatives have. They really enjoyed it…except for the food. They said it was kind of bland most places they ate. My nephew complained that the beer wasn’t icy cold, too. Other than that, they said it was a fabulous, fabulous place to be. Since you’ve been there twice already, you have a good working knowledge of the country. It will be fun to see what has changed since the 70s!

    • Alycia, the food has gotten so much better over the years and you can even get cold draughts now. In the 70’s it was real hard to find a cold drink except for at the Hard Rock Cafe in London! Cheers!

  4. Chatsworth House – the gardens are spectacular and the house – a treasure that shouldn’t be missed – Plan to spend a full day there. Castleton and the Blue John Mines is another place that we visited on our trip in 2000 Enjoy

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