The Winter Trail…

On Wednesday we had a dry day with some sun breaking through the clouds and I was happy that our daughter Katie agreed to join me on a walk on our favorite trail.

2014-01-15 winter trailWe start out on the Sammamish River Trail close to downtown Bothell and heading west it soon becomes the Burke-Gilman Trail.

winter trail 002It was so nice to have a dry day for some exercise. Thirty minutes out and thirty minutes back is our standard plan. That translates to about three miles at our pace.

winter trail 003The reflections on the river were exceptional.

winter trail 004

winter trail 005

winter trail 009

We were dressed for the cold. Katie had her ear muffs and gloves. I walk a little warmer and didn’t need muffs or gloves on this day.

winter trail 008The Canadian Geese were out in numbers and squawking quite loudly.

winter trail 014winter trail 012Part of the trail runs alongside a public golf course with bridges that traverse the Sammamish River.

winter trail 019

More reflections in the river.

winter trail 020

winter trail 021The best treat during our walk besides the good feeling that our heart rates were being elevated was spotting this eagle!

winter trail 022

winter trail 030

winter trail 031Ducks and Geese are a dime a dozen, not to mention seagulls and crows, but seeing an eagle is always a very special treat.

winter trail 032I’m still hoping to make walking part of my weekly habit. It is so much easier to get motivated to step out and walk when the weather is dry.

Where do you like to walk?

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10 thoughts on “The Winter Trail…

  1. First of all: great shot of the Eagle!

    I like to walk by the Lake. I walk a fair amount, since we don’t have a car, endeavoring to walk a good clip whenever possible. We live at the top of a hill, and the walkway to our street has 203 steps. Good exercise for my heart 🙂

    You are so right – it’s much easier to step outside for a recreational walk when it’s dry – better yet when the sun is shining!

  2. Since we have no beautiful park along the river and since there is no sidewalk along the river, we prefer walking in the cemetery. Unfortunately, it’s closed for the winter and we won’t be able to access it again until the snow has melted. What a wonderful place you have for a walk and, if you could get used to walking in the rain, it would make a beautiful place in any weather. (Only Happyone walks in all weather…six miles a day usually. She’s amazing.)

  3. Thanks for taking me along on your walk this morning. The winter trails around here look more black and lots of White!!!! Your pictures are beautiful Ellen.

  4. Beautiful! My dog Darcy and I walk just around the blocks in our neighborhood, nothing quite so picturesque. There is a trail along the lake that is very close but I can never get myself motivated enough to actually *drive* there. It’s much easier just to head out the door!

  5. I wish you could come walk with me…I love finding winding staircases…and when we get to the top…my heart rate is elevated just like yours, when you spotted the eagle. I get to have a view at the top…looking over the valley…I love walking.

  6. How utterly beautiful. I can just imagine how nice it must be to walk along the river, watching the eagles and ducks………..with your daughter. Bliss!

  7. Just got in from my own most enjoyable walk…and eagle, reflections in the ponds, no bridge…but the weather seemed to be similar to yours. I think I’ll suggest a walk along your trail next time we are in that area.

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