Across the Miles…

…we want to wish our son Daniel the happiest of birthdays!

Palisade 003Today is Daniel’s birthday. He gets to celebrate twice this week since his girlfriend’s birthday was on the 15th. Happy Birthday dear Dan! Happy belated birthday Jamie!

If you head over to MGCC you’ll see the apple tart I made from the apples off Dan’s property that he prepped so nicely and froze for me. We so enjoy Dan’s kindness and generous heart. He’s not a man of many words but when the time is right he speaks up. His one liners really make us laugh.


danbday89This was taken on Dan’s birthday in 1989. He’s the one in the green, yellow and blue t-shirt with the big smile. He loved choo choo train cakes. My photo skills were questionable with good old fashioned film.

This last photo was from our journey moving from California to Washington back in July of 1988. We stopped at Aunt Carol’s house in Yuba City and  our kids got to ride one of their horses. I think it’s great that Dan gets to ride horses regularly all these years later in his new environment in Eastern Washington.

oldphotos005Left to right: Aunt Carol, Dan, Josh, and Katie

Gone are the days that being all together on each of our birthdays is a reality or expected. Separated by distance we take full advantage of the times we are all together and try to celebrate to the full.

We’ve been happy to have some dry days here in the Seattle area. The sun has even managed to shine through here and there. How are things in your neck of the woods?

7 thoughts on “Across the Miles…

  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet Dan!!!! And just stomp your feet real hard to send some of that rain on down to California. I understand they’re really hurtin’ for rain right now. But don’t send it here to Kansas City!!!! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday to Dan and his lovely girl friend, Jamie! Love the older pics…sweet memories. I just went thru some old ones, too…color fading, but still happy times! Sunny and chilly here!

  3. Such sweet old pix, Ellen. Everybody looks like they were having so much fun. What memories an old picture can bring back. Even seeing your pix reminded me of a picture of me the first time I rode a horse. I wonder where that picture is? Love your picture of the apples on the tree. laurie

  4. Oh I love these “old” pictures – they are so precious. Love the one with the kids on the “painted” horse! Happy birthday to your Dan who still sports that great smile!

  5. Happy Birthday Dane…and belated birthday to Jamie:) Nice current photo…..and loved the blast from the past photos. We are like you….with distance we celebrate when we can and thoroughly enjoy it.
    Sunny here in the Fraser Valley…..and I hear tomorrow holds promise of another one.

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