Fortnum & Mason

I enjoy walking through this department store in London. It’s been on Piccadilly since 1707! The Queen and Duchesses made a special visit here.

2013-09-22 London Sunday4On 1 March 2012, with enormous joy and excitement, the refurbished St James’s restaurant was opened by HM the Queen accompanied by Their Royal Highnesses the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge, and renamed The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon.

London Sunday 067

There are 6 floors of merchandise in the store.

2013-09-22 London Sunday5

2013-09-22 London Sunday6

I suffer a lot from sticker shock in London so needless to say I wasn’t filling any shopping baskets!

London Sunday 071

London Sunday 072

London Sunday 064Before I got my hand slapped by a sales lady in the hat section of the store, I managed to get a photo of Laura in one of the hats! The sales lady said no photos but we could try on any hat we wished to…

2013-09-22 London Sunday7When we were done at Fortnum and Mason we walked over to Selfridge & Co. to meet Josh who had gone to an Arsenal Soccer game at Emirates Stadium. It was interesting to see the store after watching some of Mr. Selfridge but…this store was not my cup of tea. And to quote my dear daughter in law…”oh the humanity!”

London Sunday 085

We walked through one other shop that the younger duchess is said to enjoy and then headed to the underground dragging our tired feet. We picked up a take away pizza for dinner and enjoyed eating with our feet up in our flat. The next day we would spend our last few hours in London and we had a special destination for breakfast that will be my last post about our trip to England. Here are some views on our way back to the underground…

2013-09-22 London Sunday8

I’m happy to report that our Christmas tree is decorated to the point that it is going to be decorated. Translation: I didn’t put all the ornaments on the tree cuz I just wasn’t up to it and it is what it is…

Thursday night is our Small Group Christmas dinner and White Elephant Exchange here at this old house so I’ll be busy doing a little clean up before our company arrives.

How are things progressing at your house?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

7 thoughts on “Fortnum & Mason

  1. I think I would like your daughter-in-law…oh the humanity. lol. This year life happenings, beyond our control, have brought us to a Christmas that is not being decorated for in the normal fashion, nor celebrated in our usual way. Traditions….they are nice, good in so many ways, but this year in all my…”can’t do that, that’s not going to happen” I am discovering a new quiet with God. This advent, this waiting for the day chosen to celebrate the birth of Jesus….I am finding more of His presence, more awareness of this Gift given to me, to all who will choose to receive.

  2. She slapped you? Where is she? I’m going to give her a piece of what’s left of my mind. LOL! That is a lovely shot of your daughter-in-law in quite the fetching hat. She wears it well. Not your cup of tea that store…sticker shock…not even some little something purchased there? Sometimes such places make me rebel a little and I buy something just to say that I could or did or something.

    I did a little baking and candy making today. Now if we don’t eat it all… Yes, that is the problem with doing things too early.

  3. Oh how funny that you were not allowed to take pictures!! Your pictures are like – WOW!! Have a fun time tonight at your gathering and be sure to stop for a cuppa while you do your housework! Hugs.

  4. What fun places to explore – but being in crowds is so wearying. Love the photo of Laura in the hat. As Vee said, she wears it well.
    The architecture in these buildings is so pretty.
    Take time to put your feet up a little.

  5. I can identify with ‘the slapping of hands’ for taking photos. Who knew…one may not take a photo in a quilt shop? Never mind that I bought the kit of the quilt I was photographing!

    I’m likely as done with decorating as I will be this year. We’ll call it minimalist decor!

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