The Cherry on Top!

We only had a few hours on Monday morning of our last day in London before we would be picked up by our taxi and swooped to Heathrow Airport. We had noticed this restaurant upon exiting the Notting Hill tube station one night and I knew I wouldn’t be happy with myself if I didn’t make it back there when it was open to enjoy a meal.

London Saturday 275It was so worth the walk there and back again for our breakfast. Quite a delight. I’ve followed and enjoyed Jamie Oliver from his debut on U.S. food channels. When Dear and I were in London in 2003 we ventured out to Fifteen his restaurant in North/East London that trained young unemployed people to work in the restaurant industry. That restaurant started in 2002.


P1040559The hostess sat us at a nice table in the back end of the 2nd floor of Recipease. We ordered off the great breakfast menu and as we waited for our food Josh said “So, do you think Jamie will be here soon?” Just as he said that I looked behind Josh and said “well there he is coming up the stairs right now!!!” We remained cool and collected as he passed our table and sat at a table right behind us for a breakfast meeting.

P1040561London-Jamie OliverWhen the waiter brought us our drinks we asked him if he thought it would be okay for us to ask Jamie to take a photo with us. The waiter assured us that it would be cool. He said to let him get further in to his breakfast meeting and then to ask him.

London-Jamie Oliver1The food was delicious and the presentation was top notch. I didn’t expect anything less. After we were done with our food, Jamie got up from his meeting and walked past our table. At this point Josh asked if he would be so kind as to take a photo with us. Jamie said of course and one of the waitresses offered to take the shot and Jamie even gave her suggestions as to the best angle to shoot the photo from. I only had my little camera with me.

P1040573Our waiter photo bombed the picture! We were cracking up when we saw that. We were wondering why he asked us “so, how did that photo turn out?”

Jamie Oliver is a very genuine person and it was fun to meet him and to talk to him. He stood at our table for a long time asking us questions and answering our questions about his restaurants. On the way back to our flat we kept pinching ourselves amazed at the fun “coincidence” of this meeting.

This little out of the blue experience was a wonderful wonderful ending to our England experience! It was the “Cherry on Top” for me.

P1040574Recipease is a food and kitchen shop where you can learn to cook right on the premises. There are take away options as well as a cafe on the upper level.



London Sunday 077

So farewell London and Piccadilly Circus where all the “humanity” seems to gather. And farewell to beautiful England with all your history and beautiful countryside and hedgerows and churches and graveyards and cobblestones. I could go on and on but until next time...”Parting is such sweet sorrow”.

So I am now officially done with my posts about our trip to England this past September.

This Friday I’m recuperating from a wonderful Christmas party we had here last night with our small group. We had a build your own soft taco/burrito meal with so many wonderful toppings to add to the Carnitas (pulled pork) that I had cooking in the slow cooker all day long. I’ll share the recipe later in December on Mennonite Girls Can Cook. I’m sorry I didn’t take one photo of the toppings all in a row. Oye!

Besides being done with my England posts, I am done done done with my Christmas decorations. Now I’ll just sit back and enjoy the twinkle here and there. I love all the twinkle (to shine with a flickering gleam of light, as a star or distant light) that this time of year brings for us to enjoy. Are you twinkling?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “The Cherry on Top!

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed all your England posts and I’m sad they’re finished! I have some Fortnum & Mason tea that I adore (with mango in the mix) and someday I need to get to their store that you showed us yesterday. As for Jamie Oliver – aaack!!! I think I would have be so terrible uncool! I watch him here, it’s translated into English and I love his food. His Italian cookbook is such a treat to look through and use. He sure seems like a nice person.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Great photo, Ellen! Loved Jamie’s shows, wish he was still on FoodTV. I, too, have really enjoyed your trip to England through your excellent photography…someday I hope to visit there before I am too old to get around.

  3. Oh, wow! …what a fantastic experience on your last day there. I have enjoyed your photos so much (notice I said photos like the British do!)

  4. What a highlight to take home with you on your last day there. Too bad you didn’t have a MGCC book to give him. (smile) I loved all your posts on Jolly old England and am aching to go there myself sometime.

  5. I’ve LOVED all of England! That sounds and looks like a wonderful place to eat. The food looked so good and how cool that you got to meet Jamie! Enjoy your quiet….its good for our souls to find that time of peace to just soak in His goodness. I’m going through Ann Voskamps new book, The Greatest Gift. It tells the story of Adam to Jesus through the Bible in short, wonderful daily devotions…really stirring up this “waiting” Advent with in me. Peace to you and yours!

  6. oh Ellen, meeting Jamie is certainly the cherry on the top. We ate at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants while we were there. While the food was excellent I do not enjoy Gordon like I do Jamie. Jamie really does seem so genuine. Irene K

  7. Oh wow! That really must have been cool. What kinds of questions did you have? Interesting responses? Way, way cool. I can’t believe that our journey is over. This has been as lovely as reading a book.

  8. Cherry on Top INDEED!! Oh how wonderful to meet “the naked chef” – I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been as calm as you all were. I love all his recipes – he is such a remarkable young chef. I too am sorry that our trip is over – that was SO interesting – all of it! Thanks again for sharing. Glad you are ready for the season and enjoying it.

  9. SO COOL!!!! You ACTUALLY got to meet him in person as well as taste the food coming out of his kitchen!!! That’s amazing!!!!!!!! What a super treat!!!

    Glad you’re taking a few minutes to rest and recuperate from all the partying. I’m twinkling around here. Pretty much done with all the decorating. Now just have to set a table for our annual cul-de-sac progressive party next Friday night. We’re doing the entree, so I get to set a nice table for everyone. Honestly, I’d rather just be kicking back and enjoying all the twinkle right now, but duty calls! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  10. Well whenever I get a hankering for a trip to England I think I will save my money and just revisit your great posts! Thanks for posting and posting and posting…I enjoyed every detail.

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