Bishop’s Palace Windows

Wells Tuesday 102

Within the Bishop’s Palace there is a small chapel. Most of the windows in this post are from the chapel. Reconciliation is an important theme in the Chapel. The five icons behind the altar tell the Biblical story of God’s reconciling love for humanity throughout the ages. The Celtic knot under the altar also reflects this symbolism. I posted the icons with my Sunday Hymn here.

Wells Tuesday 105

The Chapel was restored by Bishop George Henry Law in the nineteenth century. In the windows he used fragments of French medieval glass from churches in the Rouen area, which were destroyed in the revolutionary era.

Wells Tuesday 106

Wells Tuesday 107

Wells Tuesday 108

Wells Tuesday 117

Wells Tuesday 118

Wells Tuesday 126

Wells Tuesday 127

We are finally getting some sunshine streaming into our windows at this old house. It really lifts the spirits! As I look out my windows today I’m seeing a steady stream of leaves falling and birds are pecking about in the lawns. What are you seeing out your windows?

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10 thoughts on “Bishop’s Palace Windows

  1. Hi Ellen
    Beautiful pictures again. Out my windows rain in the pacific northwest. Lots of pretty colored leaves, moss on tree branches and some neighbors front yard fall décor. Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. What am I seeing out my window? Snow, and blowing snow. So I’m glad to look at beautiful stained glass full of symbolic meaning from your posts. 😉

  3. What lovely photos and what beautiful windows. Where is this bishop’s palace located?
    Do you know what the significance of the green bosses on the ceiling of the sixth photo? Is it the Celtic connection again? Or a personal coat of arms? I think one of my favourites is the next-to-the-last one with the four-leaf clover design at the top. A lovely post. xoxox

    • Carol, This Bishop’s Palace is located adjacent to Wells Cathedral in Wells, Somerset, England. As far as the bosses go which I thought looked like frosting on a cake 🙂 , here’s how the web page describes them “The roof bosses are of naturalistic foliage and bizarre animals painted in traditional medieval colours.”

  4. Those windows beautifully frame the views. I even like the way the designs on the stone bannister reveal patterns from the wall and stairs behind. So glad that your weather has turned sunny at last.

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