Do You Measure Up?

We thought we had measured the inside of our closet well before I headed to Ikea to buy some new storage pieces for our T.V. and a 2nd closet in the guest room.

before and afters 001

The T.V. stand is working perfectly and just how we planned. The storage units for the closet were another matter. I picked up this large square piece and another section that was narrower and taller to put on one end.

more after 015

Seems our measurements were 3/4 of an inch off. I knew my handy dandy Dear would figure something out or we’d just stick the tall unit in the basement. The figuring someway to squeeze it in was the more favorable option because I wanted to maximize the storage in this closet. The solution was to take the support for the upper shelf completely out. See that white upper board at the end of the closet with the hole in it that was a hanger bar?  Of course that also meant we had to take the entire upper shelf out during the process, too. We still had to partially disassemble the tall unit to get it in and then to lift the unit while it was in it’s place to tighten the screws. Are you confused yet? Too bad I didn’t YouTube the process.

Ikea storage 002It’s quite the feeling of accomplishment when you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and know you conquered assemble yourself furniture! That is one snug fit let me tell you. Oh my aching back…

I’m also quite pleased that I have some empty cubbies to add things to in the future. Have you had fun projects go south on you?

My mom and pop are doing well being left alone at night. My mom has had some tough days with her heart feeling very heavy. When I talked to my pop this past week one day he told me my brother had made homilets for them for breakfast. On Tuesday he said my sister Kathy had made something Mexican for them with beans… saucekitos or something. My family loves to document what we call “Moisiisms”.

mom pei wei

My mother and father have never had lobster, scallops or shrimp so my brother Steve made lobster and scallops for them last week and my sister Lana made a shrimp dish for them to try on another evening. My mother really enjoyed the lobster and left the scallops for my brother to enjoy.  I forgot to ask how she liked the shrimp. I really can’t remember having much fish growing up. Maybe once when my pop went deep sea fishing and caught Yellowtail. I do remember camping at San Clemente Beach in California when the Grunion were running and catching some and running up to the campsite to cook them fresh. The Grunion running experience was a great one for me. “The grunion are running, the grunion are running, was chanted down the beach after waiting in the dark for them to appear. You could see little silvery fish emerge from the waves onto the beach and they would start digging into the sand to lay eggs. Wow this post has really gotten away from me.

Here’s a short explanation from Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, “Spend a night sitting on Southern California’s sandy shore waiting for the “grunion run.” Grunion are small sardine-size fish of the silversides family, which are among the few species of fish that actually come ashore to lay their eggs on sandy beaches. They are found from Southern California south to Baja California and arrive at night after the high tide around the new moon and full moon. Cabrillo Beach is one of the better places to observe the fish.”

So you see if you don’t measure properly you will find your mind being random and scattered and full of fond memories of carefree days…

Here’s that Yellowtail I mentioned earlier. This was taken in our backyard in Montebello Gardens (Pico Rivera). That’s me and my brother Tim watching my pop clean the fish.

028_28-001Hope you have a perfectly random day!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

9 thoughts on “Do You Measure Up?

  1. For some reason I thought you were putting organizing shelves in your clothes closet and I was imagining more like a sorting and folding etc.Then you surprised me with that final finished work for sure! Good job on making it work!
    I like that picture from days long ago!

  2. Yup, your thoughts are leaping about a bit…kind of like being on the tail end of a whip to keep up with you, but I did it! I didn’t even miss a beat. That’s because you don’t leave out the important bits as some dear bloggers do. Love that cupboard…I may even covet that cupboard with all its wonderful cubbies. I loathe with a passion (is that being redundant?) a deep closet where everything gets lost.

  3. I think your thoughts jumping around seems really natural right now. I am so glad your handyman made that cupboard fit and you have it so organized. I love that space.
    Your mom is just so sweet. I love her smile. You just can’t fake a kind heart and I can see your personality came quite naturally.

  4. I loved jumping around with you on this post. Sometimes just letting the mind wander is refreshing. The closet fix turned out well – what a great space for organized storage.
    Your parents sound like real dears. How fun to think of trying new foods late in life. There’s always something new to experience, isn’t there?
    Have a wonderfully scattered day!

  5. How great that he was able to make that shelf unit fit. This is such fabulous and beautiful storage! Empty spots to fill – what fun! Glad your parents are doing well. Sounds like they have been served some wonderful meals, and how great that they are willing to try new foods. Now that’s a big fish your Dad caught. Fun old picture with you and your brother admiring the catch. laurie

  6. Love your random and wandering post. Glad you got the closet units to fit properly — looks fantastic! I’m amazed your parents have never shellfish before now. I guess I always thought they might’ve been as adventurous as you are with food 😉

  7. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve “missmeasured” – eek! Glad your handyman could make the fix! It looks wonderful. What a sweet picture of your mom and so cute that they are trying seafood for the first time! I love your scattered post and know all too well how you are feeling these days…take care Ellen and have a most wonderful refreshing weekend!

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