Summer is Waning…

…but we are still enjoying what’s left of it.

After shots 017

After shots 016

Because of all our renovations at this old house we had the patio furniture cleared off the deck for the workers to set up their saws to cut the wood for the new flooring. Last weekend after using the clear path to re-furnish the house with all our furniture stored in the garage we put the patio furniture back in it’s place and were even able to have a meal on the deck with our traveling guests!

New look 004

Fun end of summer times with Josh, Laura, Lana, Steve, Dear and me! What do you serve come as you are guests of hosts with no time to fuss over a meal? Dear and I had been working all day getting the house back in order so I didn’t have time to plan a meal but had time to throw together a meal!  We had flank steak, cucumber and tomato salad and are you ready for the starch?? All I had were frozen hash browns and that’s what I cooked up and served. Yummy! I also steamed some frozen broccoli in their own steam bag.  Love the carefree company that just enjoys sitting down to food on a plate! We had ice cream for dessert and Steve ran home to bring some of Lana’s homemade cookies and banana bread to add to the ice cream.

After shots 019

The hydrangeas are losing their summer brilliance.

After shots 021

I like them at all stages.

After shots 022

After shots 024

Don’t judge me but this is what’s happening with my apples this year. I do not have the energy to pick them all and make applesauce again. I’ve offered them to friends and neighbors and haven’t had a good response. I’ve been able to give away some of the pears and have offered more to neighbors.

After shots 025

This handy dandy pick up and reach tool that I bought at Goodwill a few years ago is really saving my back when I pick up the fruit that has fallen and been partially eaten by crows and some nocturnal animals. I’m content this year with letting the animals glean my fruit.

We are looking forward to the arrival of Katie and Andrew on Saturday. They have a 12 hour drive from Salt Lake City to us. Dear is making his Tomato Rice soup that you can find in our latest Mennonite Girls Can Cook Celebrations cookbook for their arrival and he’s adding some Lobster and crab leg meat to the pot which will transport it to a wonderful bouillabaisse!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Summer is Waning…

  1. I love your patio cover, Ellen. It is so bright and cheerful looking, and must give you a lot of shade. We have not eaten outside the past few weeks, as it has been hot or looked like thunderstorms, but I do feel a cooler nip in the air that tells me autumn is right around the corner.

    Our grandsons will be visiting tomorrow — fun day ahead!

  2. I like your patio cover too. I’ll bet you really enjoy meals outdoors, no matter how simple or fussy. I just made an apple pie and 5 quarts of canned apples with my dad’s apples today. He’s got so many.

  3. It’s fine to do a quick meal like that, I think. It’s all about being together. I love the colour of your hydrangeas.

  4. You are right about summer waning. This morning it’s 55, and I’m sitting in front of a fire! Your patio looks like a space you will much enjoy.

  5. Your patio looks so welcoming and glad you are enjoying it on these last days of summa’! Sometimes relaxed and simple meals with loved ones are the best. That tomato rice soup sounds great – especially with seafood.

  6. I understand your lack of interest in canning. Hubby talks of canning tomatoes, but I can’t imagine taking that on this summer. I offered to freeze them…much easier! I know you are excited about your kids coming. Glad Dear is helping out in the kitchen…that’s great! And,yes, it is nice to have guests who are easy to please1

  7. Can’t imagine summer is waning for you there, while we’re having 80F or more this week… for a change. Your deck looks so summery and elegant.

  8. What a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors. I have to keep reminding myself that having company/family over is all about the people, not the food. Your meal sounded delicious and what happy faces are around the table.
    Our weekend will be spent puttering around the house – I’m freezing peaches, getting ready for guests next week and doing a little house fluffing. Have a wonderful weekend, Ellen.

  9. You have had so much to do and so much on your mind that I am not surprised that the apples are not going to be fretted over. Perhaps an apple crisp or some little thing that doesn’t require a lot of hoo-rah. Your patio looks like the perfect place to enjoy a meal…your tossed together one sounds perfect!

  10. Love your deck…and so glad you are putting it to good use! Enjoy your company…when they arrive! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  11. I’m a bit on the late side to the post but it sounds like it was a lovely weekend. Can’t make applesauce when you had no kitchen to make it in! I’m sure the animal kingdom was loving helping you out. Around here we can always call on a Hutterite community and they come and pick the tree clean to make their wonderful jams, pies, etc.

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