In the Blink of An Eye…

…it will disappear. Snow is not guaranteed in the Seattle area. Sometimes if it comes it hangs around for a little while but usually it’s gone before you can get your camera out. The freeze at our house is working on it’s 4th day now and before it leaves us I’ll post some more of my frosty photos. Many areas in the Seattle area didn’t get any snow.

This is a special week in our family. Both of our sons have birthdays this week on Wednesday and on Saturday.

Dear and I were working in the garage this past weekend. We were cleaning out the loft. We had lots of leftover debris from having our new roof put on. Dear did the brunt of the work. Clearing out, throwing out, vacuuming, re-packing, and making piles of what to shred and what to share. There were some fun discoveries (not rat related). Our kids now have their piles of memorabilia to sort through and decide what they want to keep. It was fun to see things from our sons and daughter’s growing up years. Baseball, Soccer, Star Wars, G.I. Joe and Mother Goose, Barbie, Beanie Babies and more!

It’s time to send the stash along to their grown-up homes or get rid of it. I sound real tough about the getting rid of the stuff but some things will be hard to part with…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “In the Blink of An Eye…

  1. Good for you! We mothers must get a little tough or we’ll be holding onto that stuff for the ages (like I am). This is ridiculous as my kids both have homes of their own and more storage space in their attic and barn than I have in my entire house. Can you tell you hit on something? ☺ For those items that must go and will be difficult to toss…take a photo…have it framed…the item isn’t as important as the memory.

    That eighth photo is fantastic. The softness and the pinkness coming through I think…words fail me this morning.

  2. Beautiful photos Ellen!!! I think I need a photography tutorial on how to do these wonderful shots! Good for you to start cleaning out the “stuff”. This past week we did the opposite and have been adding stuff to our storage (which we really don’t have room for). It’s my MIL’s things that we had to move out of her Long Term Care room. She is failing quite rapidly and needed to be moved – thus, another down sizing of her things. Now I have my parents things and my MIL’s things – ugh!

    • Rosella, we had Dear’s mother’s stuff for years that we moved along with us. She never threw anything out. We found some of her stuff still in the loft, too.
      Praying for you and hubby as you travel on this next path with your MIL…

  3. I love that hoar frost or snow…it’s just simply crisp and rejuvenating.
    I still have some of those stashes. I know what you are thinking…they all have their own homes…so now you want to rent back your space.

  4. I love the shots of the ice crystal foliage. In Saskatchewan they have hoar frost that is absolutely and breathtakingly beautiful. I’m thinking this is akin to it. Wonderful photo’s, Ellen.

  5. Oooohh…what pretty images! The snow made that greenery in the 2nd photo look like lamb’s ear! What a great birthday gift for your sons: Piles of memorabilia to sort through! 🙂 That would seem a little more special, though, during their birthday week. Nice walk down memory lane for them and for you!

  6. Well done with the pictures. You “noticed” some beautiful frosty things in your world. Its a wonderful feeling (sort of) to purge and send forth the kids childhood memories. Bittersweet but yet….. I LOVE the now cleaned out spaces. I did keep a few things of theirs….shhhh. (c:

  7. Such pretty pictures. Keep a few of those old mementos…just your favorites. I have poetry books that each of my children wrote in 3rd grade. I won’t give them back to them…I feel it connects me to those wonderful days!

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