Out of Focus…

Things are a little wonky at this old house. Things are a bit hazy.

I know that before long things will get back to normal and I’ll be back on track and images will become clear again.

In the meantime life goes on…

I watched Downton Abbey last night and really enjoyed it. Are you a fan?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

23 thoughts on “Out of Focus…

  1. Wow, I love those images. God, just last Friday, brought the last 10 years into focus and wow, while I thought I was floundering, He was indeed doing much. I have learned to rest in Him during the wonky times. So very thankful for His grace and His faithfulness as we wander through this life…He ALWAYS sees the complete picture with perfect clarity. We just started watching season 1 of Downton Abbey over the holidays with the girls. We need to get on Netflix and find out where we stopped as the DVD set went to Colorado, so we need to get going before we forget. Boy that first season Thomas and his lying, fellow worker cohort lady just about did me in. (c: Peace to you !

  2. Ellen I love your out of focus pictures – I hope your focus clears on the home front!
    I LOVE Downton Abbey and have the first two seasons on DVD. Unfortunately we can’t pull in the channel out here in the boonies but apparently the 3rd season will be coming out on DVD soon – can’t wait!

  3. Great photos Ellen.
    I am happy to say that Downtown Abby first season is loaded and ready to go. I’ve convinced Terry to at least give it a go.
    I’ve got supper in the oven and won’t he be excited to know we are eating in front of the tv tonight? Made bacon wrapped sausages…just to butter him up a bit.

  4. I’m sorry to read that you are feeling a little out of focus. I hope it doesn’t last long.
    I love Downton and am just about to watch last night’s episode that we recorded.

  5. Yes, I watched it. I love Maggie Smith…she is hilarious as the grandmother! I’m so glad Mary has turned into a nice person and I sure hope Edith really does get married in the next episode! Hope things clear up for you soon. I’m confused about a situation as well. Praying for understanding!

  6. I agree with those above, your photos are very cool!

    I love Downton Abbey, and own all 3 seasons. (I live overseas in Zurich, so I was able to buy Season 3 at our local “english” bookshop at the end of November. It is like comfort food for my mind to watch old episodes again. This Season is excellent as well.

    Echoing the readers above – that things will become clear for you very soon.

  7. Praying for clarity and focus in your life soon, Ellen, we all go through seasons of “blur”.
    Yes, Downtown Abbey is a favourite at our house – Harv enjoys it as much as I do so the PVR is set to tape all the new episodes.

  8. Needing to watch the first two season to get up to speed… Have found most libraries carry entire seasons of popular show and I can do a marathon of watching that way. I loved watching all of Judi Dench’s series As Time Goes By that way.

    Are you out of focus due to post season recovery or flu?

    • Jill, I think it’s a post season and new season raring to go. I’m a control freak when it comes to travel arrangements and I just have to let some things go and be able to “wait”. Lots of travel and events this winter and early Spring…

  9. I’m coming in here a bit late. Blurriness is common…and so is focus! Your photo’s caught something very clear!
    We are watching Downton and that is a stretch for Jim but the subject pulls us on to the next program and season! It may be the only series that I truly enjoy, for all sorts of reasons! I like the scenery, the home, and interesting people who mix and match with degrees of true life as it plays out.

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