As the Sun Doth Daily Rise ~ Hymn

As the Sun Doth Daily Rise

As the sun doth daily rise,
Brightening all the morning skies,
So to Thee with one accord
Lift we up our hearts, O Lord.

Day by day provide us food,
For from Thee come all things good;
Strength unto our souls afford
From Thy living bread, O Lord.

Be our guard in sin and strife;
Be the leader of our life;
Lest from Thee we stray abroad,
Stay our wayward feet, O Lord.

Quickened by the Spirit’s grace
All Thy holy will to trace
While we daily search Thy Word,
Wisdom true impart, O Lord.

Praise we, with the heavenly host,
Father, Son and Holy Ghost;
Thee would we with one accord
Praise and magnify, O Lord.

Words: Unknown

5 thoughts on “As the Sun Doth Daily Rise ~ Hymn

  1. “one accord”….I know that blesses the Father’s heart…when His people are of one heart and mind praising Him!

  2. These old hymns have such depth of thought…they are condensed like poetry to the essence of a thing and unlike the repetitive worship songs. I like both.

  3. Ellen, inspired and inspiring words… thank you !
    I wish you a special Christmas Eve — before Ukrainian Christmas Day tomorrow!

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