Business Bonus!

It’s a privilege to tag along with Dear on some of his business trips. His trip to Atlanta had a priceless bonus connected to it because Katie and Andrew were able to fly the short distance from Jacksonville, North Carolina to Atlanta to spend 24 hours with us!

Our flights arrived 20 minutes apart in Atlanta on Saturday. Andrew and Katie arrived first so they met us at our gate. Since 9-11 it’s a rare opportunity to be met at the gate!

We got a taxi to our hotel and after we checked in we took a short walk to dinner at Max Lager’s.

Here’s what we were served…

Ribs for Dear

Caesar Cilantro Salad and lamb sliders for me.

Katie and Andrew split a steak with the trimmings. And for dessert we all shared this…

Photo ops on the way to Centennial Park.

We passed the World of Coca-Cola on our way and found out pretty quick that the Olympic park was shut down to the public because of a Light the Night event. Travel buses and people galore with a police presence I haven’t seen anywhere before.

We headed back to the hotel and chatted in the lobby till bedtime on Saturday. We were meeting on Sunday at 7:45 to fit in all we wanted to do before Katie and Andrew had to head back to the airport and Dear had to catch the shuttle to his business event.

Sunday was a fun packed day with lots of walking…

I’m off  in my head again about what day of the week it is. Hope all is well with everyone in blogdom!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

8 thoughts on “Business Bonus!

  1. I would have polished off the food on your husband’s plate in record time! You are SO good to go with the salad!!!!! And all of you guys deserve a medal for actually SHARING that little piece of pie!!! 🙂 You did all that walking on Sunday that took off any pounds you might have packed on. Beautiful sights!

  2. Super duper fun! Those menu items are making my dinner plans for tonight look shabby. Katie and Andrew still beam like newly weds! The composition of that last shot was epic!!

  3. Such sweet photos of Katie and Andrew. It must have been so joyous to see them “at the gate.” I can read Katie’s joy. Looking forward to the next day of adventure. Oh my…those ribs look so good.

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