Atlanta, Georgia


On Saturday Dear is headed to Atlanta, Georgia for a business meeting and I’m tagging along. We are staying downtown in the Peach Tree area. The exciting thing about this trip is that Katie and Andrew are meeting us there for overnight since they are just an hour away from Atlanta by air. We are still waiting to see if the Marines will allow Andrew to stray that far from the Base. Katie will come regardless. We hope that both of them can come. We haven’t seen them since the wedding in March.

The burning question is how much we can jam into our 2 days and how much we’ll be able to experience that is “Atlanta”. Any suggestions from any of you would be appreciated! Did I tell you I’m excited to see our East Coast kids???

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12 thoughts on “Atlanta, Georgia

  1. Ohhh, you will only be an hour and a half from me! Wish you were going to be here longer…would love to see your sweet face in person! There’s lots to do in Atlanta…The Georgia Aquarium, the The World of Coke (those are next to each other downtown and across the street from CNN Tower), the Atlanta Zoo and the Cyclorama ( a diorama of the Civil War) are next to each other, too, there’s the High Museum of Art, the Atlanta Botannical Gardens, Stone Mountain. If you go on line and look for things to do, there are ticket packages you can buy…they combine tickets to different places at at discount. I hope you have a safe trip and a wonderful visit in our capital city! A word of advice…try to avoid the interstate at lunch time and from about 3-6 on Friday…traffic is rough!!

    • Thank you Miss Debbie! Thankfully we arrive on Saturday and will totally avoid that Friday traffic. Our hotel is short walking distance to the aquarium, coca cola, and the centennial park. I’m going to look into the Cyclorama to see how far that is from the hotel. Thanks again!

  2. Father we ask that You grant Andrew favor, make a way so that they can both travel to Atlanta.

    I’ve never been there so I’m looking forward to your pictures. Have fun!

  3. You will make the most of every moment and we get to share through your photo’s and story! I will be praying for everything to work out just right! Atlanta has to be beautiful…look at that picture you posted!

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