Traveling Mosaics…

This past week was filled with travel and travelers. Dear and I traveled to Eastern Washington to spend a couple days with our son and we had travelers arrive at our house for the week. Today I’m sharing some views from our busy week. I’ll be posting more views from our week soon.

This is a restaurant in Chewelah that wasn’t open on Monday or Tuesday so we met our son here on Wednesday morning before we hit the road home. It was worth the wait for breakfast at The Chalet Grill and & Lounge.

At the Chewelah Pioneer Cemetery we saw a headstone for someone who was born in 1820 buried here. Chewelah has some very interesting history that you can read about here.

We took a slightly different route home from our trip out. We made good time and arrived home to spend the evening with our house guests from California. My sister and her daughter’s family spent the week at our home with and without us.

On Friday we had the classic whirlwind tour of Seattle taking in Pike Place Market, Kerry Park, and the Troll. At Pike Place we made stops at the original Starbucks, Piroshky Piroshky for our traditional Russian treats, the flower stands inside the market, the fish throwing, and the yucky gum wall below the market.

My niece and grandniece at the wonderful flower stalls in the Pike Place Market.

One of these dudes is not like the others…

My oldest sister and her granddaughter.

We didn’t escape the gum wall!

Last stop on the way home was a visit to the troll who lives under a bridge in Fremont. We were sad to see that the troll had been defaced.  Look closely at the Troll’s hand that the kids are standing on, that is an actual VW bug that his hand is covering!

Our company hit the road home to Southern California on Saturday. Dear goes back to work on Monday. I’m spending time relaxing while watching the Olympics. So far summer here has been busy and eventful. Hope all is going well in your neck of the woods!

I’ll be linking up with Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.

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21 thoughts on “Traveling Mosaics…

  1. I just wanna smack the entrails outta someone for defacing that troll!!! That’s just crazy!!! Why do people do that?!??!!? It’s such a cool (albeit weird-looking!) structure that I am sure brings a lot of visitors. Someone just HAD to make it their business to try and spoil everyone else’s fun!

    The photos from your travels are spectacular!!! The breakfast food at that restaurant looks incredibly good!!!! i would be one fat cat if I ate there every morning!!!

    The trip to the cemetery must have been really interesting. I like to do things like that! It just puts you in the frame of mind to imagine who that person was and what they did while on this earth.

    Seattle looked typically cloudy. Wouldn’t have it any other way! Great photos! Glad you’re home safe and sound! Have a good week!

  2. So far your summer seems to have matched your spring for being busy! Your trip sounds like it might have been a nice relaxing holiday with your husband – I love a car trip.

  3. Great mosaics…I wanted whatever you were having in that first one…eggs on hash browns and pure yumminess all over the place. It must have been great for your sister and her daughter and family to have the use of your home while you were away and back again. It’s kind of nice to have people looking out for things. Ackkk…speaking of which…I just remembered that I’m supposed to be taking care of somebody’s cat. She can’t have starved in only two days…outta here.

  4. I love Seattle and the fish market. Watching them toss those fish is quite entertaining. That troll is really something. Glad you had a fun time. Now you deserve to put up your feet and rest.

  5. I enjoyed another peek at the Seattle sights. Such a grand place to explore and you have lovely tour guide skills.
    The Olympics seem to have moved into our days and nights. It amazes me to see events that last less than two minutes for which the athlete trained for hours each day for years.

  6. I hate it when people deface or put graffitti all over attractions. Such a selfish act. But it looks like the kids still had fun climbing the old guy!

    I have not watched one bit of the Olympics yet. Better get on the ball before it’s all over.

  7. Great mosaics! I see I might have to visit Seattle again one day. Kerry Park and the troll have never been on my radar until now!

    Enjoy you week of watching Olympics. (Try CTV if you tire of the NBC coverage.)

  8. Ellen, you need to share with us your tip of always landing at such nice eating places!!!! It seems like every you go, you know JUST the place to eat!

    Enjoyed your family pictures too.

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