The Mighty Columbia River ~

Starting as a little stream in the Canadian Rockies the Columbia river flows south entering the United States in N.E. Washington close to where our son Dan now lives and works. Its the largest river in the U.S.A. that flows into the Pacific.  It travels 1200 miles curving and finally emptying into the Pacific ocean.

On our way home form eastern Washington we stopped at a scenic exit off I-90 to get a good look at a small part of the Columbia.

After our brief stop at the very hot scenic lookout we continued West across Vantage Bridge over the Columbia river headed for the Cascade Mountain range. The Cascades divide the state of Washington. The east and the west of Washington state are very different in topography and in weather extremes. They are also quite different in political views. Let’s just say it’s the western part of our state and the larger population there that makes us a Blue state instead of a Red state.

Are you watching the Olympics? Tuesday is a soccer watching day for me and I’m happy to have found a channel dedicated to soccer from the Olympics. The U.S. women play again today. Today is the last day of July…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

7 thoughts on “The Mighty Columbia River ~

  1. The beautiful Columbia! It is a big old river now isn’t it! Lovely, relaxed photo of you and of your hubby. Such scenes are so delightful and the sun was sunning and the breeze was breezing so it looks like the perfect sort of summer day.

  2. We sure do enjoy a vast change from one region of the NW to the next…in more ways than one, too! 🙂 Wonderful pictures of the Columbia!

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