Friday’s Fave Five


This week was filled to the brim with the regular and the unexpected. My favorites were…

1. A early morning hike on Saturday with dear where our reward was a beautiful view of the Pacific.

2. While we were hiking our ribs were slow cooking to a totally comfort food perfection that we enjoyed later in the day.

3. One of my favorite things to do every week is to thrift store shop and there’s a photo of my favorite little Christian thrift store in Camarillo where I have found some really reasonably priced goodies.

4. I saw an interesting recipe for Bruschetta while at the bank. (Isn’t it weird how they have these tv’s where they show the food network chefs cooking at the bank!) Anyway I made it for an appetizer and it was good. I’ll be posting the recipe later today! Update: I posted the recipe here.

5. I had a fabulous treat on Thursday morning at Dawn. I walked out on my little patio and looked to the east and saw an amazing Sunrise that prompted me to praise God.

Here’s a photo of one of the goodies I found at the thrift store this week. These 7 pieces of ceramic fruit with gold leaves and stems were $4.00. I thought I could come up with some sort of Thanksgiving centerpiece with them…


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Photobucket is holding my photos hostage from 2007-2015 and replacing them with an ugly black and grey squares demanding money to release them, so frustrating.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

19 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. First comes the glow in the dark yellow dye to check for pressure (I think) and then the dilation is to look into the eye REALLY well to check the optic nerve and perhaps cataracts. I don’t think I reversed those two drops, but who knows. I had a new young gal who did all the prelim stuff and she was VERY informative and we were laughing a lot about all her torture proceedures. At one point she was shining a BRIGHT penlight thingy right at my eye (also VERY CLOSE to my eye) and then asking me to try and read a line or two of the letters. Good grief–after all her tortureous proceedures the eye doc comes in and does another read to see what the prescription should be—how he expects that to be an accurate read is beyond me. I think they did more “things” than the last eye doc we had—so I imagine that is good. Have a wonderful weekend Ellen!

  2. The ceramic fruit is so pretty and looks nice just gathered together like that.

    How wonderful to be within walking distance of the Pacific!

    That is a beautiful sunset. I know what you mean about such beauty causing us to praise the One who made it.

  3. Score on those ceramic fruits. How cool are they?

    I’ll be coming back looking for that recipe. It looks so good. And that sunrise is stunning! I made ribs for Thanksgiving dinner this last weekend. Pretty untraditional, eh? A wonderfu week of favorite things, Ellen.

  4. Oh my! If I visited the thrift stores every week, my house would be filling up to the brim! Your ceramic fruit look really nice, however, and will grace the Thanksgiving table well 🙂

  5. Hi Ellen B.,
    It looks like you’ve had an amazing week. The sunrise is my favorite part. There’s nothing that makes you praise the Lord more than looking into a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Sometimes I think He has us look up at precisely the right moment and then whispers in our ear, “I created this especially for you today!” I’m always in awe at how much we are loved!
    Have a great day Ellen B.

    xo Cori G.

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