Sky Watch #14

Clear blue skies again in Southern California but I’ll throw in a bonus, some beautiful wild parrots!


The skies in Southern California were clear and blue this past Saturday when we went on a short hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. On our way back to the car we spotted some colorful birds in a tree. Upon closer inspection we realized they were wild parrots. Their coloring makes them blend in with the tree leaves so you’ll need to look closely to see them. I’ll apologize up front because I’m going to post 6 photos. This sight is so odd to see in Southern California.





Looks like a couple of the parrots are kissing here…

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Photobucket is holding my photos hostage from 2007-2015 and replacing them with an ugly black and grey squares demanding money to release them, so frustrating.

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43 thoughts on “Sky Watch #14

  1. These are lovely photos Ellen. I have never seen parrots like this in the wild. Thanks for the fine pictures and I shared your enjoyment of the moment.


  2. WOW – I have never even heard of wild parrots — these are just neat! My impression parrots is normally associated to those in the zoo in cages, or on the shoulder of a pirate! 😉

    I didn’t mind at all six shots you had posted on the parrots…

  3. Had no idea there were wild parrots in California – learned something.
    Love the shots. I almost didn’t see them in the first photo – they do blend well.
    The kissing couple is so cute.
    Lovely post.

  4. I almost missed the parrots in the first shot. They blend right in with the foliage!

    I had no idea wild parrots were indigenous to … well to anywhere in the US.

  5. I have wild parrots living in the olive trees next to my house and I can never get a decent photo of them because they are more or less the same color as the tree leaves! Yours show up nicely.

  6. Wonderful blue skies and green trees and parrots! I love blue and green together, and its fun to see these interesting birds!

    Greetings from Iowa. Happy SkyWatching!

  7. Great shots and the parrots are beautiful. They always find something to nibble on. The sky is as blue can be! Are those Parrots native birds or have they been released and have established themselves?

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