Sky Watch ~ Sammamish River Trail


I’m still in the State of Washington and the skies have been quite cloudy and boring these last couple of days. I took a walk yesterday along the Sammamish River Trail out from Bothell Landing. I decided this view with the lush green foliage could make up for the boring sky.

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New photo from July of 2017.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

76 thoughts on “Sky Watch ~ Sammamish River Trail

  1. This time of summer, the skies can become so dull, can’t they. Earlier this week we had smoky skies and dull gray. Fortunately a breeze blew it away and has replaced it with blues skies, but not many puffy clouds. It’s the lazy daze of summer, that’s for sure.


  2. Very pretty, Ellen. Most of the time for us Washington and Oregon were cloudy with boring clouds to hide the sun. It rained often but not heavy.
    Enjoy your summer, 🙂

  3. Hi! Yes it is a gray sky and when it has been gray for a couple of days, it may seem boring, but for me, it is great. I love how it is reflected in the the water.

  4. Great photo. Grey skies are OK.

    Try photographing flowers in overcast skies. The lighting is perfect for this.

    Watch the Alligator.
    Come visit our SWF,
    Troy and Martha

  5. Beautiful reflective view..

    Sorry for this copy and paste comment but I need to check all the links work , I also wanted you to know I’ve been here and seen your post… thank you for joining in with us this week I hope you enjoy the fun of it all. I will try to get back over the next day or two and see how your Sky Watch went on

    Tom :O)

  6. Happy weekend! Perfect one for SWF! We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon…. Mine’s up too hope you can drop by…

  7. Hello Ellen,
    I’ve missed you the last few mornings. I’m having a bit of a struggle…do I spend time with the Lord before work or do I post before work. Obviously I know the answer which explains my absence. I hope you’re having a blessed week and it looks like the sky is grey but still lovely. We’ve been having humid skys.
    See you soon,

  8. WOW!!! This is amazing, you have just make my day great while looking at you friday sky watch…

    It’s fantastic.. Thanks for sharing this… More for this next time..

    Happy Friday!

  9. Really lush green, with a fairy tale feel to it. Seems like any moment Prince Charming will be riding on a horse passing through……….looking for Ellen!! 🙂

  10. But doesn’t the song go, “The bluest skies I’ve ever seen …?” Even as I kid I knew that blue skies were a rare thing in the Puget Sound area! Still, God did take extra care making it beautiful when he created that country.

  11. Ellen,

    Thanks so much for the nice comment about the picture of the “full moon” . Actually by fiancee and I were driving down the highway going on vacation to Arkansas, when he took it. He didn’t have a tripod, but he said he wished that he had have one. He actually just held the camera in his hand and pointed out through the window and took it. He has a pretty good camera and has taken a lot of pictures. I wish that I was as talented as he is! You might like his blogs, he takes pictures of anything and most everything. He has one named and If you want, it might be easier to link to them from my blog, they are listed on my “Favorite Blogs” link on my blog.

    I’ll add your blog to my favorite because it is a definite “favorite” of mine!!

    Thanks again for the nice compliment…


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