ABC’s of the Word ~ A

My new bloggy friend Pam at Grey like Snuffie is starting a self motivation idea for Thursdays called ABC’s of the Word. She started with A today. I’m going to chime in when I can. It’s always fun for me to look for verses in the Bible like a treasure hunt.

Here’s the verse that I’m posting for the letter A.

Matthew 7:7 ~

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened unto you.”

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11 thoughts on “ABC’s of the Word ~ A

  1. It always seems that when I have a spare moment to stop by, you have just posted something that really speaks to me. I know you don’t do it intentionally, but thanks anyway.

  2. Another excellent idea.

    I’m not sure if the ABC Wednesday is an organized thing or not. I think I like it better than “Wordless Wednesday” because it’s a little more of a challenge.

    maybe I’ll join…next week is “B”, right?

  3. This is actually Kathy b at Jeanie B’s house.
    This looks like a wonderful inspiring look at the ABC’s.

    Lot’s of laughter going on here between sisters.

  4. Great idea! I’ll always read yours, but right now I don’t have enough time to even keep up with reading blogs!

    And it’s a good reminder to Ask!

  5. Oh I like this idea! Alphabet through scripture. I’ll have to go check out her blog. I’ve been having blog blaaa’s. Not sure what to post.

  6. My frustration is not due to anyone else—sometimes I just hit a wall on my lack of comprehension. Then I start laughing when the help sight or response to my inquiry gives more in depth answers and tells me how much easier this will make things for me. And I’m still going “WHAT”? I just thought the Mr. Linky thing would make it easier for people to see others thoughts. It will be more of a hunt but still worth doing. Thanks for the encouragement.

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