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29 thoughts on “WW ~ Canoeing on Lake Washington

  1. Hi Ellen, I’m betting you had a hard time choosing which picture to use for WW. Happy WW/WT!
    I was inColorado last week near Colorado to visit this (on my WW/WT) nice Tennessee Walker’s Mom and Dad. 🙂

  2. Pretty cool place for canoing. With place constraints in Singapore, the few places to canoe means out in the sea!! without tree shades, often getting pretty burnt after a day canoing 😛

  3. What a wonderful, peaceful spot, and no people! You’d never find a spot like that empty here in Israel.

    We’ll be in NH next month and I can’t wait to do some quiet paddling of my own.

  4. That is truly TOO BEAUTIFUL for WORDS!!

    For some reason Blogger isn’t loading some images as I visit, so my W W has a backup –two photobucket backup links in case my W W doesn’t load with Blogger.

    Happy W W, hope to see you visit with me today.

  5. I love the reflection of the clouds. It’s interesting to see and feel how peaceful the lake looks and probably is and also see the highway and cars in the distance. I love the perspective and the piece of the canoe in the corner that puts us in the boat with you.

  6. Wow, it looks absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful photo. Makes me wish I were there relaxing right now 🙂

    Happy WW!

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