Canoeing ~ Herons and Lily pads

While Katie and I were canoeing around Lake Washington we saw many Herons, Ducks, and Lily pads. We also saw some turtles, a woodpecker, and a raccoon in the water.

We’re headed back to the Canoe barn. We have to canoe all the way back to Husky Stadium. Can you see it in the distance. Now we’re getting closer. When we reach these lily pads and colorful boats we only have a short distance to go. I did put my camera down now and again to help Katie paddle back. Going across this part of Lake Washington was the roughest part of our canoeing but still very doable for us gals…

If you missed it my first post on our canoeing trip is here.

11 thoughts on “Canoeing ~ Herons and Lily pads

  1. Herons! I love herons! Great pictures!

    BTW, I noticed Katie’s not wearing a life jacket. Is that usual when canoeing?

    Willow, For canoeing you only have to have the life jackets in the boat if you can swim. I had mine on, though…

  2. Wow – the pictures are amazing! I love the lily pads. But a racoon in the water? I didn’t even know racoons swim…

    Katie is such a good sport in doing all the muscle work so that you can take the wonderful pictures to share with us! šŸ™‚

    Thanks again, and have a great night.

  3. I really like the herons. They’re one of my favorite birds, though I could never really say why. I think maybe I just like them in flight.

    The lily pads are cool too. šŸ™‚ (I mean, they all are, but…you know what I mean, I hope. *s*)

  4. Funny how us blog girls get to sit in the back and take pictures. I enjoy that spot as well. Your lake pictures are just lovely. The lily was gorgeous.

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