For Katie and Flower~ Check it out…


Hi Flower! I thought of your blog site when I saw this window in Old Town Camarillo today!

Fun Flower Power!

Katie, these 5 cups cost me $2.00!

What do you think?

Here’s the bottom of the cup…

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage and they have blacked them all out. Iā€™m slowly working at restoring my posts without their help. Such a tiresome bother!

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7 thoughts on “For Katie and Flower~ Check it out…

  1. I asked The Professor the same question you asked me about the difference between a sake cup and a tea cup and he gave me the same answer!

  2. Those cups are adorable! I think I need to make a trip to my local thrift store – I never would have thought to look for housewares.

    BTW-what is the difference between Sake and Tea cups?

    Teaescapade, I honestly don’t know what the difference between sake cups and tea cups is. I assumed Sake cups would be smaller. When I looked at images online some of the sake cups were smaller than these and some looked the same. I’m going to go with my non-professional definition and say if you serve sake in them they’re sake cups and if you serve tea in them they’re tea-cups šŸ™‚

  3. What a fun surprise for me!! Did you buy the cups in the Flower Power store? They are nice!
    Thanks for the thoughts and the picture!!
    While in Starbucks last week I asked about their green tea in powder form that is similiar to the tea your daughter talked about last week. Starbucks does not sell the tea but they will make you a drink from it. They said it was very expensive and it was shipped in from Asia to them.

  4. Flower,

    Republic of Tea sells matcha. I don’t know anything about the quality.

    Someone recently gave me the name of another place that sells it. If I find it, I’ll let you know.

  5. Ooo those cups are lovely, I’m sure they’d work as tea bowls…definitely a more formal style, in our tea room most of the stuff is “wabi” the kind of imperfect, rustic, one of a kind style that is more Japanese. The more formal style tea is more Chinese, “karamono” or Chinese items were very popular and expensive and would be used in the shogun style tea.

    As for matcha, don’t be fooled by more expensive ones labeled “organic”, all matcha is organic by definition and a mid-priced one is a better bet, according to my professor for my tea class. šŸ™‚

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