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49 thoughts on “WW ~ Saturday Winter Walk at the Beach

  1. These were taken on our walk this last Saturday at the Beach in Ventura, California. A gorgeous winter day in Southern California.

  2. Hi Ellen — That Ventura Beach is wonderful. My daughter bought a Dunne and Burke (like) purse from one of the vendors up by the weeds. We did a beach run from Malibu to Redondo (maybe further south, but I can’t remember real good what it would be) one nice sunny summer day.
    One thing, you can swim easier in Texas beaches, your water is pretty cool.
    Happy WW/WT! 🙂

  3. What great pictures. Now I am going to force my husband to go to the beach this weekend. It has been entirely too long.

    Have a great day.

  4. I love the ocean. When I was living in England with my late grandfather, we were living near Dover, accross the chanel. In the winter the ocean was gray and ever changing. It is so different from the Greek seas. But these photos are perfect. A dreamy bright day. Well done.

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