The Dean’s Watch ~ Elizabeth Goudge

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I just finished the last page of this book and I’m so sad that the story has come to an end. Elizabeth Goudge is fast becoming my new favorite author. She has a great descriptive style. The same appreciation I have for George MacDonald and how he weaves a true loving relationship with God contrasted against a cold religious relationship is growing as deep for Goudge’s fiction. I love MacDonald’s Scottish Countryside settings and I love Goudge’s English countryside settings.

This story is built around the Dean of a Cathedral in an English City. Goudge develops the stories behind several characters within the city whose lives are touched and changed by the growing love of the Dean for his city and for them. I highly recommend this book to you. It can be hard to come by these books but start by checking your local library. I found this one at my library.

I published a quote from this book that you can read here.

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13 thoughts on “The Dean’s Watch ~ Elizabeth Goudge

  1. I haven’t read any of Elizabeth Goudge’s writing. I will have to add this one to my reading list.

    Thanks for sharing in our woman to woman book review this week.

    Have a wonderful day filled with love and laughter!

  2. Oh, I love Elizabeth Goudge!! I’m also currently reading A City of Bells by her. I’ve read The Dean’s Watch and have been to Ely Cathedral where this is set. She’s such a wonderful writer.

  3. I read THE DEAN’S WATCH about ten years ago after receiving it as a gift from two friends in England. I throughly enjoyed the book! Now, my husband and I are both retired and we are reading this book as a Read Aloud in our spare time. It is such a joy to read together and E. Goudge’s book has increased our joy of sharing a book. What a wonderful novel.

  4. I am a great fan of Elizabeth Goudge, especially her Cathedral novels and “Linnets and Valerians”. These are wonderful comfort books, even for an atheist like me, because her characters are such warm and loving people; and her descriptions of the English countryside are so beautiful and moving.

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