WFMW ~ Shower Curtain?

Time for another Works For Me Wednesday and here’s my tip this week. If you have showers that need shower curtains purchase a pretty cloth one to go on the outside and then buy the cheapest vinyl liner you can find for the inside. When the vinyl curtain gets yucky just take it down and throw it away and replace it with a fresh liner. Trying to clean these is too much work for me!

There’s plenty of bathroom scrubbing to do without scrubbing the vinyl curtain!

Now head on over to Rocks in My Dryer and see what other tips there are today!

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10 thoughts on “WFMW ~ Shower Curtain?

  1. My mom washes her shower curtain, yet the vinyl one, in the washing machine. You can’t do it a gazillion times, but you can do it once or twice and get a few more uses out of that curtain. She just does it on hot with some beach and it looks great when it comes out! Obviously, hang to dry!

  2. I just put them in the wasking machine with vinegar and washing up liquid, 40 degrees.
    Always things are added that need a clean too, like towels and such.

    Works perfect for us. And saves a lot of extra dollars, even if they’re spend on cheap shower curtains it can add up to a nice amount.

  3. I love both the cleaning and the tossing tips. šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing. I just noticed the darling children’s bathroom is looking a little, ahem, grimy. They definitely need to spend a little bit of elbow grease getting things up to speed. A fresh liner would be a perfect start to a cleaner bathroom.

    I’m heading to Target tomorrow, and a new liner is on my list.

    Duckabush Blog

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