Baba and Deda ~ Grandchildren ~ Heritage

On Sunday afternoon my children got a rare treat of being at their Baba and Deda’s all together. My parents have been in their Senior Apartment for one year now and Katie is the only one of my kids that has had a chance to visit them there. We had dessert then 4 more grandchildren arrived and we got to listen to my Pop tell some stories about their time in Russia and Iran before they came to the U.S. The Photo below is of my Pop’s cousin who served in the Russian Army during WWII. The story my dad told us about him is below the photo…


This is Feodor Ivanovich Aryeshen. One night during patrol of the trenches, as he walked with his rifle in his hands he came face to face with a Nazi soldier. They faced each-other with their rifles pointed at each other. Then they both turned around and ran for their lives. When he woke up the next morning his hair had turned pure white! They say it was from being so frightened.

My Father told a few more stories about his life that were great for all his grandchildren to hear. What a rich wonderful afternoon we all had with my parents. What a joy to hear how God has kept them safe and close to Him for so many years. We ended our time with my Pop praying for all of us and blessing his grandchildren again…

Photobucket is holding hundreds of my photos hostage and that’s why you don’t see the original photos on this post.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

8 thoughts on “Baba and Deda ~ Grandchildren ~ Heritage

  1. What a rare and wonderful blessing to have godly parents who provide such a rich heritage for you and your children. I can barely imagine what it might be like to have a grandfather pray in the presence of his children and grandchildren, then bestow blessing on them. Just the thought brings tears.

    Rosemary, the older I get the more I appreciate such a wonderful heritage… blessings on you.

  2. What a wonderful afternoon that must have been for everyone of you. The grandchildren have a memory to treasure of their grandfather praying for them. Thank you for sharing such a sweet family moment.

    Myrna, So sweet for sure… blessings on you.

  3. Priceless!!!! Absolutely love the military photo–so many medals!

    BTW, I took note of the last name “Aryeshen”, is that unique to a people-group or a region?

    One of our daughter’s last name was Shershen–we’ve not heard it anywhere else and have no family history. Thanks! —cdd

    Connie, It’s a new one for me. This Aryeshen and his descendents live near Rostov on Don…I wasn’t familiar with this name until this week.

  4. lovely story. I’ve heard many tales of fright causing ones hair to go white but really can’t quite believe it…..doesn’t make (medical) sense….BUT I do know that “there are more things in heaven and on earth than can be contained in my brave philosophy” to paraphrase (misquote)

    thank you for sharing your treasured memory!

    Mighty Mom, Speaking of medical sense…you should hear some of their remedies for ailments…scarey!!

  5. “…and they lived until they died.” LOVE IT!! 🙂

    Continuing to feel overwhelmed at the heritage those 2 have given to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren…and humbled to be part of such a legacy. Thank you Lord!

    Michelle, yes and they keep on giving…

  6. Ellen, you have the most marvelous way of allowing blogging “strangers” (though we become friends through blogging) to share in the richness of your family heritage. It’s a real treat to read what and how you share about your family.

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