Places to Visit for the First Time or Again ~

I’m Yearning to Travel Someplace Far Away

England ~ Scotland ~ Wales ~ Ireland ~ New England ~Montreal ~ New Zealand ~ The Shire ~ Russia

I’m such a comfort traveler, not the really high adventure type. Even though I’m Russian, Russia would be my last choice because of the comfort issues of traveling there. Where would you want to go?

Ht: Bridget for the collage she made for me a while back…

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9 thoughts on “Places to Visit for the First Time or Again ~

  1. Oh where, oh where? Definitely England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland for starters! But since we are dreaming, what I’d REALLY love to do is travel into one of Elizabeth Goudge’s novels, probably A City of Bells, or The Dean’s Watch, and visit that England of the late 1800’s in her stories.

    Sara, Oh goodie, I was trying to narrow down the Goudge books I wanted to hunt for, blessings…

  2. I go with the comfort thing too – so where would I go. . . . . I would return to a Mashauv (sp) in Isreal; a condo in Mazitlan, Mexico; a cabin/lodge at Glacier Lake, Montana; Ireland but don’t know where.
    Let’s go Ellen 🙂

    Mary Lou, If there’s a masseuse at that lodge, let’s go. 🙂

  3. Ellen! I want to go to England….Scottland…Canda…..Alaska, Colorado…and the New England states! More than likely, I won’t ever go….but if I could….I would!
    I have yet to get on an airplane though. My husband has been on 2 missions trips. Bolivia, Alaska and coming in September, he will go to Jamacia with our home church for building a church.
    I am content to stay home and pray for them. But one day, I ‘d like to go too……mmmmaybe Alaska??
    This was a very neat post and a good way to end my blog wandering and get ready for bed!
    Have a great day tomorrow!!! See you soon!!!

    Angie, So you’ve never been on an airplane. Airplanes aren’t all that great but the destinations can be wonderful. I hope you make it to Alaska someday. In the meantime the best place to be is “content”. Blessings on you…

  4. I went to Egypt last year – that was a pretty amazing trip that will be hard to beat. I’ve also spent some time in Fiji and Costa Rica.

    As for my next trip? We had a tentative trip to Italy planned for this fall, but are now reconsidering. May trade in that itinerary for something closer to home.

    I would love to see Russia sometime…

    Belladonna, you sound very adventurous. Our trips right now are going between LA and Seattle. We hope to get out of the country again next year…

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