Money Meme (a.k.a. Time in a Bottle )

I nabbed this meme from Connie at Practicing Theology.

Here’s how it goes, grab ten coins out of your pocket, purse, couch cushion or wherever it is you keep your loose change. You have to have ten uniquely dated coins, so if you get a duplicate, pull out another until you have ten unique dates. Next, tell your readers a little about YOU the year that the coin was minted.

1978 ~ Married for 4 years, teaching 2nd grade in the Public School system and pregnant with our first child who was born in January of 1979. Josh was 10 lbs. and I had him naturally, ouch! Living in Huntington Beach, Ca.  Dear has decided to work for someone else instead of being self-employed. He gets a job in the Rock and Sand Industry.

1983 ~ Married for 9 years. SAHM with two boys ages 4 and 2. Living in Huntington Beach, California with plans to move to Ventura to cut Dear’s commute time down from 2 hours each way to a wee 10 minutes. Dear worked the swing shift so I’m home alone with the boys from noon to midnight each weekday. Only had to go to emergency twice during this time with son #2. Thankfully my sister Vera lived around the corner so I could drop off son #1 on the way to the ER. At this time Dear is working in a quarry digging and loading trucks with sand and gravel with a front end loader.  (We moved to Ventura in 1984)

1985 Still living in Ventura, California with our boys in Kindergarten and 2nd grade. We’ve met some lifetime great friends at Bible Fellowship Church in Ventura, Dr. Dave and Jody. I’m pregnant with baby #3 and Dear’s father Rex passes away in October before Katie is born. She comes early on December 27th. Katie is delivered by our friend Dr. Dave who is doing his residency at the County Hospital in Ventura. We dropped our boys off at Dr. Dave and Jody’s and picked up Dr. Dave to go to the hospital so he could deliver Katie. It really was great having a good friend deliver our little girl.

1991 ~ Living in Bothell, Washington for 3 years. Verna my widowed MIL is living with us. I was very busy with a Cleaning Business helping to put Dear through school. Verna filled in the gaps watching the kids when I wasn’t there.  We moved to Washington so Dear could complete his B.S. degree and attend Pharmacy School at the University of Washington. GO HUSKIES! Our friends Dave and Jody had moved back to Washington for Dave to start a Family practice so we had great friends already in Washington which made our transition easier moving so far from our families.

1994 ~ Dear has completed his schooling and a residency program and is finally getting a great income working full time for a Start Up Biotec Firm in Seattle. I’m looking forward to retiring from my house cleaning business. The kids and I take a trip to Los Angeles to be with family and attend as many World Cup games and activities we can. Dear joins us for part of this trip.

1996 ~  This was a year of many trials by fire for us. We had a major landslide behind our home up to the foundation of the house. We walked away from our 4600 square foot home and all of our equity because the landslide threatened the foundation and stability of the house and the price tag for sinking pilings and stabilizing the land around the home became more than we could ever afford. We had a mother in law apartment in the basement of this home where Dear’s mother lived. We had to find other arrangements for her, also. We started the life of moving yearly from one rental home to another. I began homeschooling Katie who was socially persecuted at school. She was in a gifted program and at recess the other girls in this program called her the germ and told anyone who played with her that they would get infected. Her persecution was very hurtful but the decision to homeschool her was a wonderful healing experience for all of us.

1997 ~ My MIL Verna died in May. Our oldest son graduated from high school in June and in the August headed off to Westmont College in Santa Barbara, Ca. It was a very emotional year of separations for me. In the fall we had to move to our second rental home.

1998 ~ Moved to our third rental home and within a month were informed the owner would be selling it out from under us. Not wanting to face moving all our stuff again we made an offer on the house and it was accepted. Then miracle of miracles the bank gave us a loan with no hassles. We were living in a home of our own again. We thought this would be impossible so soon because of defaulting on a loan and giving a previous home back to the bank. But for some reason (God) the bank chose not to ding us with that on our record. Nothing showed up about our default. 2nd son in his senior year of high school.  Daughter in last year of junior high.

2002 ~ Oldest son is married to his High School sweetheart for one year.  Husbands company bought by Amgen. His department moved to Thousand Oaks, California. Dear decides not to move. He took some time off and then was called to work as a contractor for Amgen. During his time off Dear and I took a winter trip to London over Valentine’s day. What a wonderful time just tubing into London each day from So. Kensington. We also took a train to attend a Worship Conference at Tim Hughes’ church outside of London. Another day trip we took was out to Cambridge that was so beautiful and very cold. While staying in So. Kensington we discovered a great drink, a Kensington Dream, that Dear watched the bartender make and still makes for me once in a while here in the states. He’s threatening to post the recipe on my blog soon. Hopefully I won’t lose many readers cuz I enjoy a hearty drink here and there (in moderation if you please…) 🙂

2006 ~ Another year of big changes for us. Dear’s contracting days in Washington ended and he made the decision to finally take a full-time job with Amgen in Thousand Oaks. We decided not to sell our home in the Seattle area but to let our 2 adult children who aren’t married yet live in it and take care of it while Dear and I live in Southern California. We ended up buying a one bedroom condo in So. Cal. We had already planned a trip to Britain for a walking tour with our good friends Dave, Jody, Bob and Jan and when Greg accepted the company’s offer for employment he made sure they were ok with his leaving for 2 weeks just after starting his job. What a great tour of Britain it was and we’re so happy we stuck to the plan.

Change has really been the theme of life for us over the last couple of years. We are learning not to hang on to tight to whatever situation we are in today. We know who holds our future and we are working more and more on trusting Him with it!

Boy if you made it through all of this congratulations! If you feel like playing this meme let me know ….

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Money Meme (a.k.a. Time in a Bottle )

  1. Wow! This was really great to read. It’s true…life situations always change, but thank goodness our God never does!

    Laura, Amen to that! (that God never changes 🙂

  2. What a great way to remember and write out a bit of one’s own story, and in the process see God’s hand at work over the years. I may just give this meme a whirl soon.

    Sara, Let me know if you do…

  3. This was truly encouraging, Ellen B. to read of how your faith and God’s grace was lived out through trials and joys. Thanks for sharing it. If I can scrape 10 coins together out of the couch, I’ll play. I’ll let you know if that happens!

    Elle, It’s easy to forget all that stuff and once in a while it’s good to see how far you’ve come…

  4. Glad you liked this little meme–it’s fun to recount the things/events God has used to shape us and conform us!

    BTW, no worry about losing me as a reader, I hold to/practice the Biblical principle of moderation, too! 🙂

    Connie, Thanks for sticking it out with me on my history and my moderations….

  5. Interesting meme, and a great way to learn a bit more about you. That had to be so difficult losing your home and equity to a landslide..

    Susie, It was hard especially since it was a lot of equity that would have been a nice retirement cushion but we have learned a lot about how good God’s provision is…

  6. I made it through your meme with eager and ease! Loved it.
    I would love to do this, but how would I post it to you if I don’t have a blog sight?

    Mary Lou, you could email me your meme…I’ll email you with my address…

  7. WOW, that is a good meme. I might have to add that one to my list for next week. I would never have thought to do something like this. thanks for the idea!


  8. I enjoyed reading this and will play soon. Your adventures sound somewhat like mine. Makes you learn not to hold on to tight to material things.
    I keep a journal, started around ’93. Once in a while I go back and read some of the entries form certain years. It is amazing to read about the journey. I wish I’d done it all my life so I could read about the early years.
    Mama Bear

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