The Long Weekend ~ Dears Home ~ Washington

As of July 2017 Photobucket has blacked out all my photos and is holding them hostage on their site.

This has been a weekend filled with hard work, heart to heart talks, revelations, and family togetherness since Dear has been in Washington for the long weekend. My husband whom we call Dear has been working full-time in Southern California since March of 2006. He comes home to Washington on holidays and vacations. We love our home and life in Washington so we’ve been living in a sort of denial that Dear is living full-time in California. I’ve been dividing my time between Washington and California (still the denial issue). This split time brought pain and comfort to myself and Dear. He’s been able to feel through our oneness that he still has input and physical touch through me with his children. The pain comes from our separation from one another and then the pain of separation from my children. Well on May 3, 2007 the Lord told me clearly that this dance between Washington and California needed to come to an end. Starting mid July, I will be living full-time with Dear in Southern California. The Lord clearly impressed on me that He is fully capable of caring for my children when I am absent in body. He has arms long enough to reach and care for them. This weekend we informed our youngest, the daughter (she’s 21 years old) that I would be taking my car, more stuff, and myself to California on July 14th-ish. Our boys and daughter in law were informed earlier. Dear wanted to tell our daughter so she was informed this weekend while her dad was here spending quality time with her. So pray for us in our transition that God would continue to grow us up in Him. Here are some photos of our labor and  love as the weekend begins…

Dear and I started off with the breakfast of champions donuts and eggs before any of the adult children were up. (The bearclaw donut was my whole WW point allowance for sure) Really though, I’m thinking we worked it all off with the big yard to clean up. 🙂 Hoping, hoping…

To the yard that needed some major work… Dear does the weed wacking

and I do the mowing. This is my new mower that goes on with the turn of a key!

We make a fine team.

Next Dear moved on to pressure washing the walkways…

and the deck. Nice to have all the dirt and mold and moss washed away.

After all the hard work was done, Dear, Katie and I went out to eat to the Blu Water Grill in Kirkland. (If you read my sister Lana’s blog, Above the Clouds, you’ll remember the beautiful photos she posted from this restaurant last week).

I tried to duplicate her photos to no avail….

but you can imagine the ambiance.

Katie and Ellen on our way home for a quiet evening, another shot of Lake Washington in Kirkland. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Dear and I leave today to California. I’ll be posting from there through June 23rd. Blessings!

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

5 thoughts on “The Long Weekend ~ Dears Home ~ Washington

  1. I think you and God are making the right choice. Who knows what the wind will bring later, but as for now… she’s going back to Cali! Keep an eye out on my blog. We hope to travel to Cali sometime in the next year. Shawn is desperate to go to Yosemite! Lots of love to you both!

    Looking forward to photos from Yosemite! Thanks for your thoughts Michelle.

  2. I was teary as I read this. Oh to be torn.
    We serve such a faithful Lord, he will give you strength to do this difficult transition.
    I look forward to your southern posts.

    Thanks, Lovella, I appreciate you…

  3. Wow! We will surely be praying. I think I was in denial with you. God is in control and can make it all work. Nice for us to have you around here.

    Kathy, Looking forward to some Tuesday nights at moms.

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