Transitions ~ Hike ~ Amgen

All my photos for this post are being held hostage at Photobucket.

When “Dear” took a job in Southern California we were very surprised by many of the company perks. His company really is a little city in the Conejo Valley. They employ upwards of 10,000 people here. These people come from all over the world. The company hires an outside group (Transitions in Newbury Park) to plan and manage activities that help new employees transition to the new area and develop friendships. This really is a cool concept. They plan activities for the spouses of employees, for couples, for employees and kids. I’ve been to lunches, coffee breaks, happy hours, wine tastings, and hikes. I’ve missed spa day, movie night, potlucks, whale watching, cooking with Trader Joe’s, a Hollywood Bowl concert, and book clubs. I’ve met people from South Africa, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Canada, England, Sweden, and all over the U.S.A.  New employees are part of this transitions group for a full 2 years from their hire date. I commend Amgen for going the extra mile for their employees and families by offering this benefit. I don’t know how many companies out there would bother.


Yesterday there was a 4 mile hike with bagels and juice provided at the start of the hike.


The trail we hiked was a 4 mile loop. There were steep and gradual uphills, steep and gradual down hills, and some level areas. “Stick to the middle of the trail so you’re not surprised by a rattlesnake.” (comforting thought)


We had a wide range of age groups that managed the hike nicely. “Check your body for ticks after the hike!”  “Make sure you’re drinking your water!”


This is a view looking back at what we had already hiked. “My heart is pounding like a hammer.”


The happy hikers that just made it through the steepest grade and were looking forward to the downhills ahead. I’m on your left as you look at this picture. “I promise you this is the last uphill then it’s downhill all the way back.” One more comment as I knew we were truly on the downward trail. “I get dessert tonight!” Thank you Amgen and Transitions for another fun outing in the Conejo Valley!

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