The Inn on the Island

The room had one of my favorite color combinations and was very well appointed.

There is no front desk or humans to show you the way at this lovely Inn. You come with your access code in hand and are greeted by this big chicken! We were happy with the no fuss process.

Room #7 had the best views, especially when you stepped out on the little deck.

The village below the Inn had everything we’d want if we hadn’t already stopped on the way in for dinner. There was a bakery that we did stop in at on our way out on Saturday. Delicious fresh choices! I wish I would have taken a picture. Restaurants, Farm Market, Wine Bar, A Small Grocers, The Market Place is a coffee house, Bakery, and Delicatessen that offers a wide variety of quality food and drink—all with an emphasis on local. Open Now: The Marketplace Tap Room—enjoy microbrews on tap. Everything you would need if you want to stay put for the whole weekend.

We would enjoy going back now that we are more familiar with the island. On Friday when we arrived we were still in a rainy pattern through the early morning hours of Saturday. As we got to mid morning on Saturday the sun was shining and the rain was gone and we enjoyed a wonderful stroll through Bloedel Reserve. I will give that property a post of it’s own.

A Nice Getaway…

It’s always interesting to plan a getaway close to my birthday since you never know what weather you will encounter. We were blessed this past weekend with some rain when it didn’t really matter and a beautiful dry sunny day when it did matter.

I picked up Dear at his office building in downtown Seattle and drove a few short blocks to the waterfront to board the ferry to Bainbridge Island.

Leaving Seattle behind us we journeyed west across the Puget Sound.

Our first stop after we exited the ferry was The Harbour Public House for an early dinner.

Nice views from inside.

We had a good meal and we were glad we made a stop at Bon Bon for some treats to enjoy in our room when we settled into the Inn at Pleasant Beach. More posts from our time on the island to come.

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Kingston to Edmonds Ferry…

Dear and I enjoyed an overnight trip to Bainbridge Island last Friday to Saturday. On Friday we took the Seattle to Bainbridge Ferry to get to the island and on Saturday after visiting the Bloedel Reserve we drove from Bainbridge across the Agate Pass Bridge to the Kitsap Penninsula and took the Kingston Ferry across the Puget Sound home. Have I confused you yet? Here are some photos from our Kingston to Edmonds voyage…

If you look closely in the window you can see Dear smiling at me in his shades!

That’s downtown Seattle in the distance with the Space Needle to the right…

It’s nice to have a good ferry system so we can enjoy easy trips to the beautiful islands and peninsulas in our area.

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Here’s my Bible Verse card for the letter M! Know…

Walkway – Before & After

Since our yard project was completed for now I’m sharing the before and after views before I share our great overnight getaway.

We had an unusual string of dry mild days in February and the beginning of March that gave us lots of time to work on some projects in our yard.


First Phase…

Phase two in process…

Walkway done and now onto the extension and step down from the deck.


Digging, digging, chipping away at large tree root, digging some more and hauling off the dirt and grass…

Defeated the tree roots and moved on…

We are now getting to the end of this part of our project.

Chose a new planter box and planted some plants in the cement blocks.

Another before shot…

We are pleased with the results from all our hard labor over several weekends and evenings.

We still have a few more ideas for tweaking some things but for now we enjoyed a weekend without any labor. During our overnight away we probably put back on the weight we dropped working on this project. Looking forward to this first full week of Spring. What’s on your agenda?

Sunlit Spires

Dear and I were able to get away on an overnight trip to Bainbridge Island and we decided to drive up to the Kitsap Peninsula through the Nordic town of Poulsbo on our way home. We were pleasantly surprised by a very nice and sunny mid-morning to evening on this Saturday after being soaked by rain Friday night and early Saturday morning. I have lots to share from our wonderful getaway.

We had a wonderful Sunday morning at our own church, not this church I pictured. We were able to witness 15 or 43 total Baptisms. We have 3 services so the Baptisms were spaced out between the services. From elementary age children, high school, college, and older adults including a married couple we witnessed obedience to the Word of God to believe and be baptized.

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Behold the Lovely Springtime ~ Hymn

Bloedel 069

Behold the Lovely Springtime

Behold the lovely springtime!
We hail its rosy hours,
We welcome back the sunshine
And cool, refreshing showers;
There’s beauty all around us,
And music everywhere;
O praise our great Creator
Who makes the earth so fair.


Come, children, join the chorus,
Ring out in joyful strain
A song of love to God above;
The Spring has come again.

Our youth is like the springtime,
Our hearts are like the flowers;
Our smiles like playful sunbeams
That cheer its passing hours;
And may our deeds of kindness,
As one by one they fall,
Be like the gentle raindrops
Our Father sends to all.


Each tender bud and blossom,
From out its dewy leaves,
Gives back to God who made it
The sweet perfume it breathes;
Then let us give to Jesus
Our youthful hearts today,
And in life’s happy springtime,
Begin the heavenly way.


Words: Fanny Crosby, 1876.

My “Burb” with Fences and Blooms!

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I had a lovely walk out my door, out of my immediate neighborhood, up the hill, and all around the way in a large square route coming down hill on my way back home. Have you noticed that walking down hill is a lot harder on your knees than walking uphill?

We’ve enjoyed a mostly dry Winter this year although this past Sunday we had the most rainfall in a single day since the 70’s. It was nice to wake up to sunshine on Monday.