Y oh Y is for Yarrow Bay…

Time for Alphabe-Thursday with our great “teach” Jenny. We are on the letter Y. I happened to be at Yarrow Bay in Kirkland last week killing enjoying time while my daughter was at an appointment. Thankfully I had my camera with me and it wasn’t raining…




Yarrow Bay and Yellow Kayaks. Two for the price of one!






I even managed a shot of daughter after her appointment. Our daughter is going to be moving away across the country to North Carolina soon. Every now and then we look at her and moan a quote from My Big Fat Greek WeddingWhy Y you want to leave me???

Any of you have kids that have moved far far away from you? I’ll be around soon to see your Y’s!!

At Times Like These…

…it’s O.K. to take liberties!

After all here we are at the letter X in Alphabe-Thursday. I’m sure teacher Jenny would eXcuse us if we stray a bit on this letter.

For my offering this week I went to Yarrow Bay, oh lookie a Y word for next week. I was hoping to find a huge X marks the spot.


This looked promising, an alphabet marina.


This was the only X that was to be found on my stroll through the Marina.

Sorry but the X photo is missing through the Photobucket piracy that occurred after 2011. Here are some photos I’ll use for the letter Y.


Next week I’ll show the rest of my water shots from Yarrow Bay on Lake Washington in Kirkland, Washington. Yes…that’s the same Kirkland that the Costco Kirkland products are named after.

I’ll be around to see what liberties you all took with the letter X!

ABC Wednesday ~ Y is for

Y is for Yarrow Bay, Yakima Fruit Market, and the Yakima Indians.  All in the State of Washington, USA.

Yarrow Bay is in Kirkland, Washington. It is part of Lake Washington.


Some Yachts at Yarrow Bay…



Next I take you to Yakima Fruit Market in Bothell, Washington just up the road from Kirkland.


Besides fruits and vegetables and nuts and herbs the market sells flowers. At Christmas time they sell Christmas Trees. The market shuts down in winter (they only sell Christmas Trees from Thanksgiving thru Christmas) We get so excited to see their announcement that they are opening again come March because we know Spring has finally come…



Our most famous Yakima’s are the Yakima Indians. There is a city named Yakima in Eastern Washington closer to the Indian reservation.

Yakima (Ya-ki-ná, `runaway’). An important Shahaptian tribe, formerly living on both sides of the Columbia and on the northerly branches of the Yakima (formerly Tapteal) and the Wenatchee, in Washington. They are mentioned by Lewis and Clark in 1806 under the name Cutsahnim (possibly the name of a chief): and estimated as 1,200 in number, but there is no certainty as to the bands it eluded under that figure. In 1855 the United States made a treaty with the Yakima and 13 other tribes of Shahaptial, Salishan, and Chinookan stocks, by whit they ceded the territory from the Cascade mountains to Palouse and Snake rivers and from Lake Chelan to the Columbia, and the Yakima Reservation was established, upon which all the participating tribes and bands were to be confederated as the Yakima nation under the leadership of Kamaiakan, distinguished Yakima chief. Before the treaty could be ratified the Yakima war, broke out, and it was not until 1859 that the provisions of the treaty were carried into effect. The Paloos and certain other tribes have never recognized the treaty or come on the reservation. Since the establishment of the reservation the term Yakima has been generally used in comprehensive sense to include all their tribes within its limits, so that it is now impossible to estimate the number Yakima proper.  The total Indian population of the reservation was officially estimated at 1,900 in 1909, but of this number probably comparatively few are true Yakima. The native name of the Yakima is Waptailnsim, ‘people of the narrow river,’ or Pa’kiut’lĕma, ‘people of the gap,’ both names referring to the narrows in Yakima river at Union Gap, where their chief village was formerly situated.

ht: Yakima Tribe information retrieved here.

Whew! That’s one long ABC Wednesday Post. Thanks for your perseverance…

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Photobucket is holding all my photos I stored with them from 2007-2015 hostage. They have blacked out all those photos on my blog posts. OH BOTHER! I’m slowly cleaning up my posts.