At Times Like These…

…it’s O.K. to take liberties!

After all here we are at the letter X in Alphabe-Thursday. I’m sure teacher Jenny would eXcuse us if we stray a bit on this letter.

For my offering this week I went to Yarrow Bay, oh lookie a Y word for next week. I was hoping to find a huge X marks the spot.


This looked promising, an alphabet marina.


This was the only X that was to be found on my stroll through the Marina.

Sorry but the X photo is missing through the Photobucket piracy that occurred after 2011. Here are some photos I’ll use for the letter Y.


Next week I’ll show the rest of my water shots from Yarrow Bay on Lake Washington in Kirkland, Washington. Yes…that’s the same Kirkland that the Costco Kirkland products are named after.

I’ll be around to see what liberties you all took with the letter X!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

18 thoughts on “At Times Like These…

  1. What a great place to find for Alphabe-Thursday.
    Kirkland – birthplace of my corner store! ((yes, Costco is the closest store to us!”)

  2. Oh a much better place to visit for inspiration than a hospital x-ray department. That would’ve been just too easy. Hope that all of your friends “take liberties” with this assignment!

  3. “X” is such a difficult letter, but you did find an extremely beautiful Yarrow Bay Marina and the boat named “Maxum”!

    I loved the MGCC book signing photo in your prior post!

  4. At least you had a great walk out of the difficult letter – ha!

    Each round I dread doing X. And each round I barely skip by.

    This round I got lucky with a cool quote.

    I still thought you had an Xcellent link here for the letter X.





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