Good to be Home

We left the other side of the mountains for our 5 plus hour drive Monday at 3:15 am because sadly we both woke up earlier and couldn’t get back to sleep. We are recuperating and trying to get our internal clocks back in sync with the West Coast. It’s not easy. My head feels like stone. When the creative side of my brain starts working again I’ll start on my posts from Oxford and beyond. Thank you for your visits and following along on our trip.

Our Colville kids stopped by for a short visit and it was so good to get hugs from our grands.

On the highway home we spotted Fall colors and changing leaves. Soon those leaves will be falling. Hope all is well in your corners. Praying for those of you who have storms coming your way and for our friends on Prince Edward Island that their power will be restored soon!

A Picture…

…is worth a thousand words!


 He’s home and back in the arms of our daughter Katie.

Andrew’s Battalion landed at Cherry Point last night (May 17th). Before being bused over to meet their families they had to check in all their gear. Agony in waiting knowing their loved ones were so close but joy when they could finally see their loved ones’ faces!

Thank you to all of you who have prayed for Andrew during his deployment in Afghanistan. We thank God for keeping him safe all these long months. We are overjoyed to see this photo and this reunion.

I just had to interrupt my usual Sunday Hymn posting for this gift from God to us. If you scroll down you will see my hymn for Sunday, too.